Joesph Baena Son Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares His Back Home Workout

Joseph Baena is uploading another home back workout killer.

Joseph Baena, also who called "Arnold 2" due to the similarities between his body and his father's appearance on the day, he caused a great excitement recently, not only because he was the son of Arnold, but his body is very similar to the body of his father.

recently, he was uploading a new video working on his back from his Instagram account. This is his back workout using cable row as you can see in the next video. Where he was saying "back attack!"

As you can see in the video he is training hard and we can see also see a big similarity between his back and his father's back while he squeezes his back.
Also, he was uploading a lot of photos previously where we can see his back quite clear.

You won't get there with one day, but it is proof that even a great fitness can be kept in difficult times like we are living now. Back exercise is a great way to keep your activity in this sport, even outside the gym. Baena is still working out in his balcony. If you have the possibility to work out on a balcony, backyard, or terrace, this will be one of the only important parts of your day that you will spend in your day, don't let yourself fail. Doing training and going outdoors is very good for your health, so don't underestimate their ability to improve your mood in quarantine. So don't let yourself fail and work as hard as you can in the quarantine

Another thing that we can see from this video is that Baena motivates himself. Even without going to the gym and lift those weights, he can get himself excited about getting the work done at home. This is another essential component of homework. Instead of staying sleeping at home go up and get the job done!

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