Phil Heath Answer If He Will Competes In Mr. Olympia Or Athleticon Event

Is Phil heath going to compete in Mr. Olympia 2020 or athleticon event?

Phil Heath is one of the greatest bodybuilders in bodybuilding history, he won the Mr. Olympia title 7 times straight, he has one of the best genetics in the world.

Phil heath loses Mr. Olympia 2018 he gets second place. He was on hiatus and exploring his options to improve himself. He has opened his own supplement company called "Phil eath Labs", signed with new manager Danny Garcia, and has designs to compete again. But the main question on everyone's minds. Which show is Phil going to compete in? Mr. Olympia or athleticon?

Recently, Phil Heath has entered in an interview with Patrick Pete David of Valuetainment, Phil Heath addressed this question and more. One of the main questions asked during the interview was whether Phil Heath believed that Olympia would continue in September.

Pete-David always followed the tough questions, as he discussed the change of ownership of the brand Olympia.

Heath said "I knew Jake (Wood) for a moment, Watch what he did with the Wings of Strength model. I am very happy for him. Olympia must have everything a passionate leader. Passionate is one of the most important things. Obviously, you have to have financial resources, but you have to be very passionate. Joe Widder was excited. Jake is that guy. He is what we can be called a little-spoken man, but you can tell that his passion is strong."

Bet-David also asked Phil Heath about the most important question that everyone still waiting for his answer: will he compete at Mr. Olympia or Athleticon?

"Well, we can't even get into the gym instantly because of the quarantine. So, I feel that these two events arouse a lot of interest. I never compete in the Athleticon event before, but I know it will be their unbearable event."

"From what I think, how do I align life itself, with business and it is clear that my personal life, and then the passion to compete again. Because I tried not to do it, also there were parts that I liked and parts I didn't like. So I think that the better answer will come when we finish the first stage when gyms are open again and we come back into the work."

The answer is a bit dark and does not want to give the answer and an official result for itself.

"I was like, If you could do it once, would you do it again? Because that's seemingly all that will be offered to you, Because of the other efforts that I made. I was like, okay, I'll enjoy it. I just had to check the scheduling, everything should be in order because I worked out a lot of chaos Once, I get ready for Olympia, it's not always fun."

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