Tito Ortiz Criticizes Arnold Schwarzenegger For Criticizing Donald Trump

Tito Ortiz criticizes Arnold Schwarzenegger because of criticizing Donald Trump on the generation iron interview.

Tito Ortiz Criticizes Arnold Schwarzenegger For Criticizing Donald Trump

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been frank about his dislike of President Donald Trump. This is his opinion and we respect him. Although they are Republicans, Schwarzenegger has gone to battle with Trump several times on social media like Twitter and in interviews throughout the current presidential term. Tito Ortiz is another explicit personality who is not afraid to speak about his opinion of politics. Ortiz is a great supporter of Trump. So, what is his opinion about one of the greatest bodybuilding legends but goes with Donald Trump? He makes a recent interview with generation iron, Tito Ortiz talks about the place of the athlete in publicly discussing politics and what is his opinion about Arnold as a politician. We will see what he said in this interview.

Tito Ortiz's experience is in MMA, he is one of the best fighters there, he is also one of the best bodybuilding lovers. This applies to one of the biggest legends of the sport, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But it seems that  Ortiz is a fan of Schwarzenegger as an actor and athlete but he is less passionate about his political career and he will be always respectful to him.

Tito Ortiz is the type of person that is very clear in his speech about his views on politics. This is something that its bad for an athlete. Most athletes are required to remain silent in politics. And do not interfere in that, and some lost their career because of it. But Ortiz doesn't seem to care much about that - because he made his political stance clear on social media, everyone knows about him and he is very comfortable discussing this in everywhere. He's a fan of President Donald Trump - and he always talks good about him.

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As you can see his name written on his clothes.

In the interview with Tito Ortiz, they asked him about his experience when he speaking about politics as an athlete. Should more athletes talk about their personal feelings? Or is it better to focus on their competition only? Ortiz says that America is a country of open speech so if there was any athlete who wants to share his feelings openly, he can share it normally.

Which returns us to Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the best bodybuilders legend, ex-politician, and an actor
Schwarzenegger has no problems speaking publicly about his political opinions. It's easy for him, he can talks about what he wanted because he's one of the biggest celebs in the world. He was very open that he doesn't like Donald Trump

When Tito Ortiz asked about Schwarzenegger's criticism of Trump, he could not help but criticize. Where Ortiz says: "Arnold Schwarzenegger had the chance before to be in politics before when he was governor of California and that was unimportant." "A lot of people have been made down in California because of him at a great time. He should not interfere in politics because to be in politics it's really hard. He is an actor and I think that he needs to stay as an actor and nothing more."

As you can see, Tito Ortiz can separate the actor and athlete from the politician. he has no problem speaking what he wants.

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