Best Power Exercises That Will Give You Explosive Strength

Increase your strength by doing this amazing workout.

Power Exercises

If you're loved to sports generally, you'll undoubtedly try to stay working to get stronger, high speed, and more powerful. This is one of the most important goals that you have to improve them to be an athlete, Because no matter what level you are in this sport, it is always possible to stay working, run, and work hard.

and if you're an expert or a professional in a specific sport like bodybuilding or any other sport-specific, were sure that you have always try to increase your fitness level and improve your power, getting more power exercises that can help you to increase your strength and conditioning day after other.

And we got to say that from now You do not have to hire a coach to increase power to your body or to gain more strength.

Because today on All of fitness and bodybuilding we will be giving you one of the best power exercises that will give you explosive power to yourself, We found this amazing workout by searching in different exercises and getting a lot of athlete's opinions about best power exercises. All of these training exercises can be done on your home or gym using your body weight or you can use a kettlebell to increase your training level. So let us start our training program directly:

Box jumps:

Box jumps

Box jumps are one of the plyometric exercises, it's one of the best power exercises, for increasing your power because they make your body create a great amount of power output energy, and that comes from a consistent state. As you gain strength and power, you can increase the height of the vertical jump to keep develop power and improving it. This exercise helps you to grow your lower body, quads, hamstring, and glutes.

Stand in front of a box or a fixed height with a squat position. Jump in the box, cross with both feet up and straight with your legs. Jump back to the box, and return directly to the starting position.

Double under:

Double under

Double under is a great exercise to be impressive of a controlled explosion because you want to keep your jump as close to the ground which makes it a little challenging for you. Do it often and you will be getting a greater amount of energy in your lower body.

Stand in place with your feet away while holding a single jump rope handle in each hand. Start with a few jumps, and use your elbows to wipe the cord so that it passes under your feet. This will increase your strength and speed.

Wall balls:

Wall balls

If you hire a coach before, he would tell you that this exercise must be in your strength training, I'm sure that this exercise will help you to increase your power especially on your upper body with the time and you will feel the difference.

Since wall balls are a workout based on increasing speed, strength, and power, it is a great way to increase your stamina and work your entire body. The secret to getting the most out of this exercise is to focus on the high range of motion when you throw the ball up the wall and making sure it is an explosive movement.

You will hold a medicine ball in front of your chest facing the wall. Pull your shoulders back and keep your abs holding, and press your hips once in the hips as if sitting in a chair. Push up and return to a standing position while throwing the ball into the wall. Also, try to slow your movement when you return to the squat position.

Jump lunges:

Jump lunges

Jump lunges are excellent exercises for building explosive power on both sides of the body. With time, you will gain from each jump, this exercise will come easier. The jump lunges train your body to use more energy and explosions collectively. This exercise work on all your body.

This exercise is really simple. Start in the lunge position with your knees touching or near the ground. Jump and change the legs so that your back leg is in front and the front leg is in the back. Increase your speed as fast as you can.

Plyometric push-ups:

Plyometric push-ups

The last exercise is similar to normal pushups, with this technique you will finish your amazing power training workout. Start your exercise with a normal push-up position with feet wide and arms little wider than shoulders. Start to lose weight faster, as in the regular climb. By pressing down to push the body down until the hands leave the ground while keeping the feet off the ground. 

In this workout, we try to give you those best power exercises that we found after a lot of searches, and don't forget to control your diet because it helps you to improve your power and always remember that "Diet clean=Power clean". so help us by sharing this workout. Thank you for reading. 

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