Beverly Direnzo Died At The Age Of 49 Years Old

Pro Bodybuilder Beverly Direnzo's death announced by her husband.

Beverly Direnzo Death

It was reported that the Beverly Direnzo was over. The news was first confirmed by her husband, who share the news directly on Instagram post. This has been a sad time for the bodybuilding community as death goes up in numbers. There is no official or exact cause about Beverly Direnzo's death until now, but he is really heartbroken for losing his wife.

Beverly Direnzo got so much love and messages on her Facebook page when her husband announced the news of her passing came out. Where he said :

"RIP ... my eternal love ... passed the way she wanted in peace sleep together ... No more pain."

Beverly Direnzo had one of the most exciting performances during her career. She goes up to the ranks of the NPC and later became an IFBB pro. Her first love was to workout and included her steps in her plans.

She had her own gym and was known for being one of the kindest and loved people to have and work with. She always encouraged her friends and clients to train harder to become more real.

Beverly Direnzo is a fitness figure, she was an old bodybuilder, she starts the bodybuilding for 16 years. She has competed at pro shows organized in the Florida area. Her career started in 2000 when she became one of the top competitors in women's at a time when divorce was slowing down. His most famous shows are Tampa Pro and winning the NPC National Championship.

All Of Fitness And Bodybuilding offers his condolences to her husband and her family and her friends during this time. This will be a very difficult time for them.

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