Down Syndrome Student Lift Bench Press 355lbs

High school student kid Garret Alcaraz that has a great motivation lifting bench press.

Down Syndrome Student Lift  Bench Press 355lbs/161kg

Most of the older man men who train regularly cannot pull more than 300lbs because they cannot lift more than they can.
A high school student with Down Syndrome who called Garret Alcaraz recently pressed 355 lbs for a Tik Tok video, well, you can imagine how amazing when he makes this incredible success, this video has got viral on social media.

A high school kid named Garrett Elkraz shared with the Sportscenter Instagram account via @fionaj5 on Instagram. His massive pressure on the bench also looks like to be the biggest in his school (Tehachapi High Scool in California). Where they said that "Garret has down syndrome but that's will not stop him from doing the bench press." 

As you can see from the video, Alcaraz got a few seconds to get in, then he got down to start. after the press, things got a little heavy as he pushed to fight through but finally, he was able to complete the repetition with no help from anyone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known as a bodybuilding champion and has devoted much of his time in recent years for helping people with special needs to achieve their fitness goals.

Arnold also published this video on his account as you can see where he said:
"Garret, you inspire me! You set a goal and you achieved it. When this is all over, we have to train together."

This is one of the most powerful things we've seen recently as it comes from a high school student with Down Syndrome. But he didn't give up because he had Down syndrome. There is a lot of potentials there, and it may be a great motivation for others, with all this attention, we may see a lot of things in the future wish we wish.

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