Florida Protesters Demand For Gyms To Reopen Again

Protesters in Florida Clearwater to reopen gyms, do squats, and push-ups outside to get the gyms to reopen.

Florida Protesters Demand For Gyms To Reopen Again

Florida was severely affected by the coronavirus in late March.
The country plans to reopen with various stages. Florida is a week in the first stage of the plan to reopen and restore the state from the epidemic.

The first phase consists of parks reopening, restaurants opening, 25% of retailers opening. This does not involve bars, gyms, or personal services like hair salons. The governor wants to take a cautious approach to reopen the state.

Today a group of protesters rallied outside the Pinellas County Court on Monday, calling for the reopening of gyms in Florida. Demanding the reopening of the gyms in Florida.

The gyms are locked since state governor Ron Desantis announced a statewide safe at home last month to reduce the spread of the virus.

he problem is that Florida’s gyms are not allowed to reopen because they aren't included in the first phase until the state reaches the second phase of the reopening plan.

A crowd of people about 20 to 30 people gathered which is located in the courthouse in Clearwater requesting for gyms to reopen now so workers can get back to work and customers can return to their normal workouts.

As you can see, The protesters were observed holding signs and waving flags outside of the courthouse. Many of the protests started to do squats and push-ups to show them that this is a peaceful protest.

If we back to Governor Ron Desanti's plan, he said that gyms will start opening during the second stage or phase, but the gym capacity will be limited to 75 percent. Besides, they must adhere to strict protocols and duties related to sanitation and social exclusion.

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