Hafthor Bjornsson Reveals He Previously Torn Lat Just Before World Record 501kg Deadlift

Hafthor Bjornsson shares some photos of torn lat before making the new world record deadlift.

Hafthor Bjornsson Reveals He Previously Torn Lat Just Before World Record 501kg Deadlift

Right now, you are possibly well aware that Hafthor Bjornsson could score the world record for typically the heaviest deadlift in all time. On the other hand “The Mountain” Hafthor exposed recently that he had a quite serious injury that may have derailed all those individuals' efforts that he was making them.

There was quite a reasonable bit of dispute surrounding Thor’s deadlift attempt. Many persons in the community experienced that the record doesn't need count, provided that it got a place outside of regarding competition. Nevertheless, typically the attempt occurred, below beneath strict supervision, plus he guarded himself the official world record for the heaviest deadlift until now, at a clean 501kg.

Nevertheless, as Hafthor Bjornsson revealed in a new recent Instagram photo. He recently shared a new few pictures of the nasty bruise, in addition to explaining that he suffered from ripped lat that almost forced him in order to not be able to make the new record. Fortunately it would not arrive at that, however, the pictures still show a pretty dangerous injury.

Before the lift, Bjornsson spun the idea of lifting his weight to 520 kg. But this injury could explain why he did not try to cross the 501 marks. He explains that he had to improve his training, which could have stopped him from making the progress he originally planned. Of course, he still managed to do this standard lift while making it look easy.

What do you think about this last sign from Hafthor Bjornsson? Do you think he will go to lift heavier once he heals or this is his last lift?

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