Homeless Citizens Overrun The Gold’s Gym In Venice

Disappointing photos about homeless citizens overrunning the gold's gym.

Homeless Citizens Overrun  The Gold’s  Gym In Venice

Again, it is no exaggeration that the gold gym in Venice is known in the industry as the most famous
gym in bodybuilding history. Their facilities have often been a kind of picnic spot for bodybuilding fans. There are many celebrities in and out of the gym. So the scenes depicted in Comstock's photos are really troublesome to look at. This global crisis is a visual representation of the number of businesses and individuals around the world.

Currently closed for state shutdowns, the gym is carrying some of the homeless residents who live in the block area temporarily. This position has been identified by recent photographs.
Photographer Bill Comstock recently posted on his Facebook page a post that includes disappointing images at Gold's Gym. These photos show the true level of homeless men and women starting to camp in the parking lot and sidewalks in the gym. Possibly this new development is due to the area being vacant during the closure.

Aside from that one spot, Gold's Gym brand also tried with the recent announcement of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The crackdowns also do not directly impact franchise locations.

When the pictures became viral, many bodybuilders and athletes have commented on the images. one of them is the legendary bodybuilder Flex Wheeler – who seems to more confirm the situation currently displaying at Gold’s Gym. Where he said:

“I've been told by one of my closest friends who still trains at gold’s gym in Venice, how bad it was up five years ago. But I really never seen photos it’s like out of some fictional horror movie and it was really bad to see it. Humanity is gone, people have just lost all commonsense of helping each other. I can’t believe there are so many rich people in California alone that would even allow this to happen. If I was that wealthy I wouldn’t be ready to live with myself if I knew of such living conditions all a rock throw away from one of the biggest companies.”

“Los Angeles. City of dreams and angels. More like a city of broken dreams and demons.”

This comment is just one of many complaining about the decline from one of the legendary bodybuilders. If you want to read  full conversation on Bill Comstock, then you can check it on the Facebook post above. We wish that the situation will change as the lockdowns begin to change.

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