Looks How This Man Treats Loose Skin After Losing 160 Pounds

John Glaude says: "That was not what I wanted after losing 160 pounds. I wanted to have an impressive body, right? But this is not a problem."

Losing weight can leave dieters more energy and more confident and loose skin. Although some picks promise magical power, surgical removal still the only effective option. John David Glaude, who manages the Obese to Beast YouTube channel, has posted his decision not to remove additional skin in a new video that you will see it below.

In the video you'll see that Glaude stands up without a shirt to show all viewers the extra skin that he had after losing 160 pounds of his weight.

Glaude says that this isn't what he expected after losing 160 pounds of his weight, he was expecting better results, but this is not a problem.

Glaude says that he has to accept his body form as it is"I lost my skin for years, years, and years now, and I am a happy person. I am happy with my body and it poses no problem for me."

Glaude says he does not want to take a risk of surgery and some similar to this. Also, he has come to understand his body and does not care about the problem of loose skin.

"In the latest year, I felt more comfortable in my body than ever before."

He does not force others to follow his way, but he gives different advice to people like him and advises them to wait until they try to accept their bodies like him.

He says "it is worth it to wait just a little bit and everything will be fine"

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