John Meadows Tells What Happened To Him During His Recent Heart Attack

John Meadows goes into detail about his recent heart attack with his experience.

John Meadows Tells What Happened To Him During His Recent Heart Attack

We've been talking before about John Meadows's heart attack, you can check it from here. John Meadows faced some horrific incidents last week, his heart attack. He was in good health, the next time he ended up in the hospital.
From the original reports, many of us were afraid to fight for his life. He initially ruled a heart attack, and many supporters and followers prayed for John Meadows to get back and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Fortunately, John Meadows make a full recovery.

The mountain dog John Meadows IFBB pro, created a new video to discuss with his fans about his heart attack. Where he said:

"it's true that I had a heart attack."
"Monday starts on any other day. I felt great. I was going to training with a partner then I started to feel some pain in my chest. And that was unlike any pain I ever felt. It makes me very scary and I was asking myself "Did I drop a tape on my chest or what?"

"I started having some problems with my breathing a few minutes after. It's going a little harder after a few minutes. So, I believed that this is not good, there is something wrong here. Maybe if I relax everything will be okay and this will go away."
"It might just be a worry, I don't know, it might go away. "

"So I set on a bench, I was thinking that it's going to help me, but I realized it was getting worse. It was very hard to breathe and then I shut the door in the basement and put there and tried to stretch to see if that would help. So, after a few minutes, I realized that it wasn't It helps me. After 5 or 10 minutes about ten minutes, I told my friend that he should probably take me home."

"I set there for a time and thought. This is bad. It's not time to be a tough guy, it's time to ask for guidance and help. "

John Meadows continues to get deeper into his experience and talk about many details. you can see it in his last video on his Youtube channel.

All Of Fitness And Bodybuilding is fortunate to see John Meadows back to his health and has recovered! We always wish the best for him.
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