John Meadows Is Suffering From A Heart Attack

The famous bodybuilder and businessman John Meadows suffered a heart attack.

John Meadows Is Suffering From A Heart Attack

Bad news, John Meadows had a heart attack and he is now in hospital as his wife Mary published this news on his official Facebook page. According to what she said, this heart attack is caused by a blood vessel clotting disorder. He is currently fine. His situation is stable now and remains in hospital.

John Meadows is one of the oldest bodybuilders, has been working as a bodybuilder since the age of 13 years old,  but his career to become a professional bodybuilder has been a long journey full of restrictions. He survived a rare colon disease that nearly ended his life. The colon was completely removed in Meadows and moved to a new life in bodybuilding more aware of the importance of health awareness as a bodybuilder. In a great return to bodybuilding, Meadows finally claimed his professional card.

John is attributed to his wife Mary as his greatest power in life. She was with him during all these obstacles he faced, always supporting his decisions in life. He said "I wouldn't do this without her," John Meadows, also said on his wife. "When I was sick and discharged from hospital and was too weak to take care of myself, she did everything for me, including the healthy things that I couldn't talk about."

He said: "If I say I want to do something, we'll talk about it, make sure it's workable, and then she understands me and supports the idea while I'm all the time. And when I'm in pain for three or four weeks of my diet, she sees a look on my face and says, 'Just hang There, it will be worth it, "and I need to hear that at this point"."

A lot of professional bodybuilders already sent messages of support on social media, wishing John Meadows full and speedy recovery, one of them is the current Mr. Olympian Brandon Curry.

Steve Kuclo IFBB pro bodybuilder also sent out a message of supporting him:

Also, Shaun Clarida, an IFBB 212 Pro Bodybuilder, a close friend to him and his training client wishing him the best.

John is truly one of the best men that the bodybuilding community knows. All Of Fitness And Bodybuilding wish speedy and healthy recovery for him during this hard time to his family and his friends. We wish him a quick and healthy recovery.

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