Julius Maddox Gets The 675lb Bench Press Looks Easy Like A Warm-up!

Julius Maddox does the bench press with 675 lb.

Julius Maddox Gets The 675lb Bench Press Looks Easy Like A Warm-up!

When we talk about the bench press, few people are awesome like Julius Maddox. He told the world of this truth, with a new training session.

Maddox is one of the best in the world in the bench press. He showed that this year, at the Arnold Sports Festival, he crushes a 770lb on the bench press. Although it was recently disclosed that the IPF would not recognize this as an official recording, this was just an augmentation of its previous record of 723.1 lbs.

No matter how you look at it, Julius Maddox is very good on the bench press. However, if he somehow forgot it, he decided to remind everyone of a recent post to his Instagram account. Where he showed himself smashing a width of 675lb of the bench press as if nothing, it looks easy when he lifts it.

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"When you have the desire to succeed as bad as you want to breathe is when the breakthrough comes!"

Maddox has three men out there to observe during this bench press lift. However, it soon became evident that they were just there for show, as they handled that weight easily. Then again, you can never be too safe to defend yourself completely from gym accidents.

Currently, Julius is preparing for a big goal. Which is to bench press 800 lb to set a world record, aiming to do so on June 27. Despite the current state of the world, it will not be surprising to hear that some changes have been made to make these plans before that date.

So long as nothing prevents him from his efforts, it seems like a near certainty that Julius Maddox will be able to ensure that 800lb bench press lift record. He has been putting in the work, and it is exciting to see this event if he will be able to succeed in this achievement.

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