Max Shethar Breaks The New Weight With A Massive 660lb Squat

Max Shethar hits do the squat exercise with 660 lb for the new record to himself.

Max Shethar Breaks The New Weight With A Massive 660lb Squat
About a week after the 17-year-old powerlifter Max Shethar scored a new personal record in the squat, he returned to do it again. He pushed his squats even further, in another epic setting in training.

It seems that every time we see Max, he works hard and improves quickly. Again and again, he shows that he is not a typical teenager and that he will be present for some time at powerlifting. Not only does he seem motivated to get better, but he has shown skills to grow fast, day after day.

Not only is this lift effective on its own, but the fact that he was able to push his squat by 10lb and do it with ease is overwhelming. Although this is not too surprising, given the work that he did in training. Just a week ago, he was able to gain PR for his squat, but he gained 625lb for two, showing the amount of hard work put into this new PR with one repetition.

Max worked not only on his squat. Here he is, a few days earlier, working on a bench press. After making some changes to his form, he was able to compare with his personal best, with a strong double of 385lb.

It is expected that an athlete at the age of Max Shethar will be able to significantly grow in a short period of time. However, this does not detract from how shocking it is that he reaches these new landmarks. He is, frankly, one of the most impressive powerlifters among teenagers we've seen in a long time.

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