Jay Cutler Classic Champion Mikayla Kingman Died At The Age Of 23

Jay Cutler Classic Figure overall champion Mikayla Kingman has passed this week.

Jay Cutler Classic Champion Mikayla Kingman Died At The Age Of 23

In 2017, Mikayla ranked first in three different categories and was the overall champion of two categories in the NPC at Jay Cutler Classic Figure.

Mikayla has only 23 years old which is sad when she took her own life. Just a week ago, Luke Sandow, a professional bodybuilder, was passed at the age of thirty. You can visit it here.

Unfortunately, suicide is being popular in society. With a problem, there is always a solution. Many people can help before one makes a permanent decision.

The day before Mikayla passed, she posted a post on her Instagram page saying, "Life doesn't need a filter even in its darkest days." This post was a clear reason for help, and it showed it's going through a hard time.

It only takes you to think about ending your life until it becomes real. With everything going on, suicide increased. If you notice that a family member is experiencing a difficult time, please help or send help. Do not take anything for granted. Perhaps it will change the way of his life.

All Of Fitness And Bodybuilding would like to share their condolences to her family and her friends during this time. This will be a very difficult time for them.

Mikayla was everyone's inspiration, and her smile brightened the room. She was an all-star athlete throughout high school and a bodybuilder champion. She placed first in 3 categories and general champion for two categories in NPC Jay Cutler Classic. Mikayla loved spending time at the beach and enjoying the sunset, and loved her dear ones. It was dedicated to spreading the motivation message. Little Mikayla will never is forgotten. She will stay in our minds.

She was also an aunt by Colton and Kellan. With many uncles, aunts, and cousins. Mikayla was the granddaughter of Mitsi Kingman and her late husband, William Kingman. Her loving parents, Gary and Linda Kingman of E. Bridgewater have survived. In appreciation to her parents, Mikayla escaped from her brothers Jason Imlach and his wife Jen. Gary Kingman Jr. and his wife Katlynn; Keri Kingman and her fiance Irina Zhizhina.

Commemorative contributions to Mikayla Kingman are suggested at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/donate/

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