13 Years Old Morgan Nicholls Doing Deadlift With 202 Kg And Bench Press 151 kg

Were you able to lift 445 lbs when you were a teenager?

13 Years Old Morgan Nicholls Doing Deadlift With 202 Kg and Bench Press 151 kg

Morgan Nicholls. The son of Mr. Olympia title holder Kim Chizevsky is a 13-year-old athlete, but that age didn't stop him from putting some impressive weights in the gym that would scare any grown-up guy. Morgan Nicholls often posts updates to his Instagram account so a lot of athletes can follow his progress. Let's take a look at his training video and compare it with your place at the age of 13:

The main question we ask it when we see this video, is it safe for a 13-year-old kid to train with these weights? Experts say yes, as long as he taking appropriate precautions are followed. There is always some risk that athletic children who exercise like this will permanently damage their bodies, but this is really true only if they take medications to improve performance or result in other methods of performance enhancement. And take their rest time.  It seems that all Morgan Nicholls is natural.

Being 13 years old in such a gym is not an easy feat. Many professional bodybuilders talk about how they found sports in their teens (at an early age) or in the early 20th years. It’s true, some earlier than others. At least his parents knew and everything else . A 13-year-old child does not bring traction for 445 pounds if he really does not want to; Your parents can't make you do your homework in high school. This is all selflessness.

Who recognizes where the career of children's bodybuilders will start? A strange situation and very difficult to say. Many of them are engaged in a bright future in professional sports or bodybuilding, although an equal number of people completely abandon fitness and continue to go the other way. The only drawback to becoming so young is that it’s too early to figure out what you are doing, and thats what this kid is doing. Many of the sensations of young bodybuilding just find another interest or give up. Morgan Nicholls will not like it soon, and I hope his interest will one day turn him into a professional. He, of course, has an incredible start in the competition, but only dedication and hard work will allow him to calculate and turn into a win.

Do not be afraid, if you want to start training it is never too late, at the age of 13 or 73 years. Everyone can seriously advance at their level and establish new PRs for themselves. Whether everything you do will be significant for you, you decide. Morgan Nicholls is impressive not because of the numbers he picks up, but because he is so admired by the dedication and he love what he is doing. He demonstrates in the gym.

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