A 29 Years-Old Bodybuilder Is Fighting To Reopen Gyms In West Texas

Monthly Texas sat down with Philip Archibald, a known fitness coach who now leads some distant social protests in West Texas.

A 29 Years-Old Bodybuilder Is Fighting To Reopen Gyms In West Texas

All of these standoffs placed all over West Texas this past weekend as protesters who gathered in peace and asked to end the lockdown, joined by other protests this past weekend calling for the arrest of police officer George Floyd on the streets with guns and in many cases. mask to make yourself heard. The unlucky leader of the pack was a 29-year-old bodybuilder and personal trainer Philip Archibald.

As reported by Texas Monthly, one night, Archibald organized the First Initiative Texas (FIT), dedicated to supporting businesses open during this devastation, though local politicians and health officials have warned that doing so can be dangerous.

Archibald is a man with domestic problems and a secret history, is the oldest of eight children. After retiring from Texas A&M, he became a certified coach in 2013 and started his own business. For the past seven years working as a personal trainer, he trained hundreds of clients and assisted build a strong online community in Texas. His jobs to build this community online worked well after he was exhausted for more than two months of government appointments. Archibald says he was bored with people sitting at home and taking no action. It was a time of change. Archibald believes the risk of the virus is excessive and that the body, extracurricular activities, and nutrients are the best way to help strengthen the immune system and help protect the virus.

Many FIT members believe that the threat of coronavirus is "overwhelmed" by the United States government and that patriotism violates our constitutional rights as citizens. However, there is no scientific proof to help the claim. More than 100,000 Americans died due to COVID-19 and doctors at the CDC said that general distribution is responsible for shortening the curve. Without the base of the house, this amount can double or even can be triple what it is.

FIT members have competed all over the city with big guns and open source supporters. It's shocking to see their pictures of them driving and their guns being quietly led by police near the pictures took in LA that same weekend when peaceful protesters asking justice from George Floyd were attacked in tears and shot at rubber bullets.

Archibald’s protests are going viral, which giving him more opportunities to recruit new people sensitive to his cause. He holds potent advice for open-carry activists. Archibald believes that life as we know it has been threatened and that message has certainly resonated with a small group of people in the community – showing their support via their open-carry protests.

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