Robert Oberst Reacts To The Tweets In A Funny Way

Robert Oberst interacts with his tweets about him.

Robert Oberst may be one of the best strength athletes in the world, but it is also one of the most peaceful to roast. However, he took this roasting like a hero, when he read and responded to modern tweets.

Learning and interacting with differents tweets means a common time in some time. It allows a port for people who are being bombed by online trolls to laugh at their comments and enjoy their creativity with curses. Not to mention that it provides an opportunity to respond to these comments, without directly doing so.

Well, strongman Robert Oberst decided to take aboard this as a fun activity. He visits his YouTube channel to read and interact with tweets. Although he said it took him a minute to find some good comments to answer where he said:

"Indeed, it is difficult to find nice comments. It is usually very easy for people to choose what they say, but people do not tend to ridicule me a lot. I don't know if you are afraid of you or are you like me."

Nevertheless, Oberst began reading through tweets. There are some real gems in the video, which he can respond to. Here are some of our favorites:
Alejandro Sanchez says: "Robert looks like a strong man who will eat gravel."

He answers: "Is this an insult? I'm eating fruity pebbles, I have come to them in the kitchen now. Yes, I'm eating fruit pebbles. Shouldn't we all?"

ImAHorseFacedDipshit wrote "Breakfast by Robert Oberst: Eggs, Rice, OJ, Coffee, 3-4 Mass Bong Hits"

He answers: "Yes, I think secrets. Hit Pong. Not for breakfast. No, Pong does not hit breakfast anything."

Adam Washington comments: "Robert looks like the man who is eating the trash behind my apartment building."

He answers: ""My goal in life is to be as successful as possible while I seem as unsuccessful as possible. It is a kind of Hagrid system (from Harry Potter). You can be better. So thank you for your kind comments."

These were his most funny comments that we found them. You can watch the full video on his channel below. to see Robert Oberst's joke and laugh with online trolls. He had some funny responses.

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