How Much Is Studio SWEAT onDemand Worth It

Studio Sweat onDemand cost and class reviews: is it worth it?

Studio sweat on demand

For those who want to get fit, Studio SWEAT onDemand promises to give you the best results, even if you can't go to the company in San Diego gym.

Today, it's well known worldwide because of its world-famous spin workouts, not only that but Studio SWEAT offers different classes include yoga, Bootcamp, HIIT, Spinning TRX and others.

Her founder is Cat Kom. The company website highlights that Studio SWEAT reaches out from its fitness content competition by using expert fitness instructors and filming real workouts in their gym.

But the most important thing, would you feel the excitement and the motivation to work with Studio SWEAT onDemand? This topic will help you to decide by giving you their different workouts and classes.

How the Studio SWEAT work on-demand works?

Like all online workouts programs, studio sweat on-demand gives subscribers full access to their library of workouts. You can choose from hundreds of classes,  new classes are added each week.
You can also use an online service or with Android or iOS company apps. You need first to select the wanted level of membership you want and choose to configure it to share.

Maybe you're not ready for the paid membership, that's not a problem. The company gives you limited access for 7 days of free trial that allows you to sample a few classes per class, also you don't have to enter your credit card information.

Also they provide live parts for their subscribers so they can stream in real-time. You can find their current schedule on their Facebook page.

What are the different classes from Studio SWEAT onDemand?

Studio SWEAT onDemand provided the following list of body content for subscribers. Remarkably, many classes join the elements of many exercises in just one workout. For example, One round might have half a cycle and half a Bootcamp exercise.


Studio SWEAT has different spinning classes from spin cycle classes for all levels if you are a beginner or an expert, it last from less than 10 minutes to over 90 minutes. This type of exercise can be completed on any type of bike.

Abs and Core

These types of classes focus on the exercises focus more on your abs and last for four to thirty minutes. You will need an exercise mat for exercise or you can buy it from here, and some dumbells for a few exercises.


TRX exercises are really important for a lot of things like the lower back pain, we've been talking about it before, you can read it here. These classes rely on TRX anchored straps to give you Cardio and strength Workout and help you straighten your muscles in new ways. For the best results, you will need each set different weights of dumbells

Studio SWEAT onDemand Cost?

You can start and get full access Studio SWEAT onDemand for $19.88 per month. You will get more other advantages of savings by signing up for 6 months at a time, there is the semi-annual plan which cost $99.28 and here you can save $20 or an annual plan for $188.56 per year and here you can save $50, I think that its a great deal.

Below is everything that’s included and their suggested retail prices.

Precor Spinner® Ride commercial-grade spin bike ($1,595)
Spinning Connect™ heart rate monitor ($79)
Spinning BIO HR™ Wireless Computer ($99)
Certified refurbished studio onDemand Roku® streaming device ($25) OR Bike tablet mount ($25)
12-month Studio SWEAT membership ($188.56)
Customized weekly workout plans and expert nutritional tips ($60)
Altogether, the value of all of these types cost $2,046.56, which means that it offers subscribers an estimated savings of $47.56 if they buy them at once compared to buying everything separately. It’s up to you if you decide to buy at once instead of purchasing separately.

What Are Studio SWEAT OnDemand Customers Say?

We couldn't get many Studio SWEAT reviews outside of Google Play and the Apple App store, but both platforms can give us a good meaning of ​​what customers are saying their opinion about the service.

The costumers rate the app 3.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play and 4.5 in the Apple App Store, from what we can see, it gets great recommendations, and most of the features we read showed that membership liked the different types of classes and ability of both teachers and classroom participants.

Studio Sweat onDemand vs Peloton

Since Studio SWEAT first made his brand name in spin studies class, the most noticeable comparisons we can make are between other indoor cycling competitors and here we can talk about: Peloton which has 2 different types (Cycle and Digital), Echelon Fit, and Flywheel (Fly on Demand). We found the most important measurement comparison between them until now in points below:

 Services Studio Sweat       onDemand Peloton (Cycle)                 Peloton (Digital)
 Pay Per Month 19.88$ 39$ 19.49$
 Equipment   Cost 1.999$ for the pack, or
 you can use your own pack
 from 2245$ to 2694$ Use your own   equipment
 Non-Cycling   classes Spinning, Abs and   Core, Barre
 Running/walking, strength training
 Training camp, yoga, meditation, cardio training
 Same as the peloton   cycle
 Live Classes Available from 2 to 4   month Available where you can get more   than
 25 over a lot of workouts formats 
Same as the peloton   cycle

One way that Studio SWEAT onDemand is different from the other services is that it doesn't offer its own spin-spinning motorcycle. Peloton, Echelon, and Flywheel each sell bicycles that are specifically designed for their own programs, and in some cases, they come with covers that combine your workouts in real-time to see how your performance compares to others taking the same category.

We came to the end of this topic, give us your review below. Don't forget to share this topic so more people can get more information about it.
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