5 Trx Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Try this TRX workout to fix lower back pain.

5 Trx Exercises For Lower Back Pain

You wake up in the morning. Sit in a car, bus or train. go to work and sit another 8 to 10 hours in a chair. After work, sit on public transport or in a car again.
When you go home at the end of the day, you feel very pain in the lower back and don't know what to do.
Does it seem simple?

If your reply is yes, you cannot be shocked that your body is "screaming" and wants to change something. Most people decide to visit the gym. In general, it's OK, but most of these people come to the gym to "sit" again.
Nowadays the gyms are perfectly designed for that. If you want to exercise with your legs, back, chest, or arms, there are machines with a comfortable support seat.

if you are one of type belong to people that:

They should sit at work (on a chair on a computer, in a car, or anywhere else (even if you use a back pain chair.)
You suffer from back pain that you want to get rid of.
Want to have a total body shape.

Then this topic is exactly for you.

Back pain is usually caused by many factors. These are not only caused by flabby muscles but also have certain tension but also shrink those muscles that should be relaxed.

Today, we've prepared 5 easy TRX exercises for you that everyone can handle. By exercising regularly, you will relieve your pain.
We can call it Office training because you can work out either during the lunch break at the office or at home. It is a combination of strength and exercises to correct the posture of the body.

5 TRX workout or exercises for lower back pain that you can do at home

There are many articles and tips on how to sit right at the table. Some of them are really good. But let's talk the truth, how long can you sit up straight and not bend over? I guess this is not permanent.
First, stand and stretch the entire body at all three levels of motion:

  • Arrow plane
  • Coronal level
  • Horizontal plane
Arrow plane Coronal level Horizontal plane

1. Arrow plane (lateral.)
The most used motion plane.

Movement of the upper limbs or legs forward and backward up and down without the movement of the isolated spine. In the typical gym, this is the plane in which we exercise 90% of the machines.

2. Coronal plane (front.)

Only on a few machines, there is a chance to work on this plane. Typical movements of the anterior plane include the movement of the spine to the sides or the tendency of the body to the side. This does not mean that you take a dumbbell and lean in front of a mirror.

3. Horizontal (axial) level.
This is the mostly forgotten plane.

The truth is that it is often used in everyday life - a pivotal level. In real life, this is a movement that the upper body or legs have to make alternately off its axis.

before we start, do all of each exercise for 30 seconds, d'ont get rest between exercices. Prepare your TRX band and start directly, do from 2 to 3 sets. Let's get started with our workout:

1-TRX squat:

TRX squat

Squatting is an essential and important exercise to strengthen the entire body but focuses on the lower part. Lay down on the slope, lift the arms forward, hold the TRX band in front of your body, palms together - squat, raise the arms up, and palms together.
Try to push the buttocks down and interlace them while going up, while we lean more towards the back, exercising the front thighs intensively. Back straight, right corner at the knees.

2-Lower back TRX stretching:

Lower back TRX stretching

In contrast to the squat is an extension very nice across the backside of the body.
Isolate hip and knee joints while doing this exercise. After you finish this exercise you will feel good especially in your lower back.

3-TRX supine plank:

TRX supine plank

A fairly unusual exercise, but they will love it more. It will strengthen the muscles of the backside of the body and stretch your chest.
TRX Supine Plank Workout. Connect the TRX bands to a 12-inch drop from the ground. Place your heels in the stirrup with the height of your feet facing up.

4-TRX high row:

TRX high row

Sagging shoulder blade muscles are a common problem for back pain. You can avoid it by practicing this exercise.
TRX High Row Exercise. Hold the arms and face the anchor point. Stretch your arms forward and keep your joints facing up. Pull your hands towards the shoulders and keep your elbows wide. The elbows are not behind the back. Adjust intensity by moving forward or backward.

5-TRX Figure 4 Stretch:

TRX Figure 4 Stretch

TRX Figure 4 stretch. Stand tall with shoulder width. Hold the handles while holding your arms straight. Place your left foot over your right quad. Relax slowly as if you were lying in a chair. Use tapes to help. Stay and hold your breaths for 3 to 5, then switch sides.

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