4 Bodybuilders That They Are Still Shredded After 60 Years Old

After growing in the age, you start losing muscle, watch these 4 bodybuilders.

As all we knew, bodybuilding sport is not a permanent sport. After you start getting older, your physique starts taking off control of your muscles where you will start losing them. But today we will be showing you 4 bodybuilders that you will be shocked by their bodies. They are all over 60 years old and they are still shredded! We've been talking before about a similar topic where we talk about "Sam Bryant Jr. The 70-Year-Old Bodybuilder That You Will Shocked By His Body"

If we take the truth, it will be really hard to take control of your muscles when you are getting older. This operation started to looks impossible. Also if you try to make your muscles growing with different hormones cycles, then your end will be like other bodybuilders (Ronnie Coleman)  in surgeries or something like that.

Despite that. They still some amazing bodybuilders that they are born talented with their genetics shredded, or you can say that they “defy the aging process” even they look more impressive than some younger athletes! Let us go directly and see those 4 bodybuilders:

4-Tony Pearson:

Tony Pearson

Tony Pearson is 63 years old age, he looks younger than that. Pearson is an old American bodybuilder who was born on January 11, 1957, in Memphis. He was included in the “Halle of Fame Muscle Beach” in Venice Beach. Include them other bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also the winner of Mr universe. He starts his career in bodybuilding in 1976 as a younger athlete. He takes his decision to retire in the bodybuilding world in 2014 where a lot of fans were sad for him.

Anyway, Tony has come back but in incredible shape especially if we see his age we can not compare it with his body. A lot of people were asking him what makes him like that and his answer was that he just did what he was doing in competitions and he still committed to the training and diet!

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3- Bill Grant :

Bill Grant

Bill Grant is 73 years old also called “The man of steel” which made a lot of success in his bodybuilding career more than 5 decades of being a fitness athlete. These are some of his wins:

1973 IFBB Mr. World 1st
1974 IFBB Mr. World 1st
1974 IFBB Mr. International 1st
1984 IFBB World Pro 3rd

Do you believe that bill starts picking up some weight at 9 years old? Yes, it’s true.
Bill was trained in any space that he can find him good to develop his body and make him stronger. He was using a lot of supersets in his training where he tells that he was a fan of these workouts. In over 70 years old, Bill Grant still one of the legendary bodybuilders who are having a shredded physique.

2-Robby Robinson:

Robby Robinson

Robby Robinson is a well known American bodybuilder, he is 74 years old, born on May 24, 1946. He was been called “The Black Prince” and also “Mr. Lifestyle” he wins a lot of competitions like Mr. America, Mr. World, And Masters Olympia. He appeared in some films also including them “Pumping Iron” but he didn’t compete since 2000, Despite that, he didn't lose his shape and still in impressive shape.

1-Vince Taylor:

Vince Taylor

Vince Taylor is a little bit younger than other bodybuilders that we mention, he is 63 years old. Taylor wins 22 titles in his bodybuilding career and holds the Master Olympia world record for five-time “1996-1997 and 1999 until 2001” he comes back to the sport to compete in 2006 Australian pro and get the 3rd place and compete again in the most known show Mr. Olympia in 2006 and get the 11th place.

Vince still shredded until today where he still trains hard and still focusing on his condition but without lifting heavy weights to avoid his body from injuries.

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