His passion for training may be the reason to die.

72 Years Old Man Dies From Coronavirus Before 1-month Of Competing In A Bodybuilding Event

The coronavirus has across the globe making the planet on the side. It was discovered first exactly in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has ended the lives of many Chinese citizens. One of them is Qiu Jun.

A professional bodybuilder is well known for his passion for bodybuilding, Qiu Jun described by his athletes as a man dedicated to training and improving himself. Qiu Jun not just trained himself. He prepared a lot of bodybuilders to compete at the stage.

The training was still in January because of the outbreak of the coronavirus, Qiu Jun didn’t accept his students warning to stay inside the home and suspend his training. Unfortunately, he accepts that when he contracted the sickness.

Qiu Jun had been preparing for a bodybuilding competition this month (June). Where he had competed in the same program in the last year where he won second place in his category. He wished to approve again his performance from the year before.

Qiu Jun suspend his training after the city of Wuhan was put on lockdown where all gyms were closed. The day after Qiu Jun was having a fever and lost his appetite. After some days Qiu Jun was transported to the hospital.

The fever has continued on his body, Qiu Jun submitted to the virus on February 6.

Qiu Jun had competed in bodybuilding and workout hard because it was his passion. By the way, Qiu Jun passed away doing what he loved.

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