Arnold Schwarzenegger Refuses To Train At Gold's Gym Because Of The Lack Of Health And Protection Measures.

Gold’s Gym isn't the training place for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Refuses To Train At Gold's Gym Because Of The Lack Of Health And Protection Measures.

The global health crisis has damaged many a business. A lot of gyms have suffered during this sad time.
CEO Tony Ueber recently listing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Even before 24 Hour Fitness filed for bankruptcy, a lot of other gym chains are facing the same problem. That gym was none other than the iconic and legend bodybuilding training facility Gold’s Gym.

One of the most known names in the bodybuilding world has trained at Gold’s Gym since its inception. It's the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If his seven victories at Olympia were not enough to make him a symbol, Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to dominate filmmaking as well as enter into politics. The entire time Gold's Gym Venice has been its primary base for his workout.

But it seems that everything has changed for the legendary bodybuilder and former California governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger has now chosen to suspend his training at Golds Gym although the training facility is open to the public.

Why is Schwarzenegger refusing to train at Gold’s Gym?

The main problem is related to Gold’s Gym health safety policy. He said that he believes that the gym should enforce into wearing face masks. As is the case, Gold's Gym does not have a policy on wearing attendance masks to prevent the extent of disease cleaning the globe. That's a big problem. As such, Arnold Schwarzenegger does not train at Gold's Gym until people wear face masks on the floor or a vaccine is provided.

In fact, that really makes sense, especially when you see that Arnold Schwarzenegger is 72 years old. He has to be really careful about himself and don't risk especially when you consider that he has his own home gym.

Until Gold’s Gym applies the policy of wearing face masks or makes a good solution, it’s sad to see that we’ll see Schwarzenegger go away step through the front doors of the iconic training facility and refuse to train on it.

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