Vandalism Of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Statue While Protests

"Blood On Your Hands" "Yeah, he’s a racist Arnold"

Vandalism Of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Statue While Protests

The United States is getting more protests in many cities, which cause serious disease in the country. The next thing is the statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger, sadly, it was vandalized by some of these protesters in Ohio.

After the death of George Floyd, made by law enforcement in Minneapolis, it was high tensions in the country. members of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as others, have been protesting for the right justice in this thing. In some states, these protests were peaceful, but some other locations have witnessed riots in all the streets, with people vandalizing buildings and looting shops and stores.

These types of protests have been going down in Columbus, Ohio. New photos have shown that the iconic statue of the legend bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is outside the Greater Columbus Convention Center, has been vandalized. These vandals paint on Arnold’s hand red,  while also spray painting a message on the sidewalk next to it "Blood On Your Hands."

This is a sad and troubling scene at the same time, especially when we see the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been nothing but an advocate for equality in the country which means that there is something wrong. The disappointments people are feeling is understandable, this thing looks misplaced. Even the likes of Lee Priest was commenting on these things and how ridiculous this seems. As he showed a comment, saying "yeah, he’s a racist Arnold" with some bad comments.

Absolutely we can see that there is a lot of important things in the world better from making some spray paint on a statue. Regardless it is a shame that Arnold Schwarzenegger, who actually was giving the support and providing the message of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, was his statue target of this attack. I think that this has nothing to do with the protests

You can read also the article that Arnold was supporting the Black Lives Matter here.
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