Flex Lewis Is Preparing To Back In The 2020 Mr. Olympia Open Division

Flex Lewis (7 time 212 Olympia champion) will be back in the open division this time!

Flex Lewis preparing for the Mr. Olympia 2020 open division

Flex Lewis is one of the most known bodybuilders in the 212 division, he was dominating in this division by winning Mr. Olympia for 7 years (from 2012 to 2018) one after one without interruption after competing for 7 years in the 212 Mr. Olympia and getting the 1st place in Arnold Classic 212lb, Flex decided to switch the division and go up to the open division where it's really harder than the previous division. He wants to be one of the best Mr. Olympia in history.

Flex is known by his genetics where he is having an incredible. He talks before about moving himself to the open division after getting some rest without competition. This story starts by accepting Flex a special invitation to compete in the Mr. Olympia show. His coach Neil Hill who is known by the Y3T workout technique is giving some strategies and techniques that help him for heading to this show.

2020 Mr. Olympia will be really hard like a battle, we've been seeing before Hadi Choopan that he was in the 212 then he switches up to the open division then he placed up third for the first time that he competed in this year.

which makes we think about how is Flex Lewis going to be this year and what place he is going to get!

Neil Hill was uploading a post on his Instagram account with a photo of Flex Lewis on his Instagram saying:

So we have been keeping food pretty low over the past 8 week’s, allowing for Flex’s body to really rest up & his digestive system to be super cleansed before we start our Full proper offseason in just 2 weeks from now *
Then at 14 weeks out from show day, we start our Full Pre-Contest Prep where his body will become hyper-responsive to start growing into the show, no more making weight limits, now it’s all about bringing some Extraordinary to the stage*
He’s already 12lbs up and leaner than past preps at this point. It’s been a Very positive time away from the stage for Team #y3t athlete @flex_lewis *
We are looking forward to bringing a New exciting look to Las Vegas & 2020 @mrolympiallc contest *

The 2020 Mr. Olympia of this year will in the las vegas strip the middle of December and it will be located on planet Hollywood.

This change was because of the current situation and the disease that we are living it now. Even that this date is fixed but it's not official, maybe it's going to be changed because anything could happen. Like we can say anything is not clear until now.

Until now, Flex Lewis is preparing himself for this battle of champions “Mr. Olympia 2020”, it will be one of the hardest competitions in these years especially if the two bodybuilders which are Phil Heath and Kai Greene are back! While other athletes are fighting and work hard to switch up to the open division!

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