Flex Wheeler Start His Cardio And Legs Workout With His Prosthetic Leg

Flex Wheeler  “Learn to accept what you can’t change and change what you can't except”

Flex Wheeler Cardio and Leg Press

Flex Wheeler is one of the legendary bodybuilders or as we called him “IFBB LEGEND FLEX WHEELER” and he is one of the bodybuilders from the golden generation like Arnold Schwarzenegger... and others.

Flex Wheeler knew by his incredible symmetry and golden genetics that we don't see it always in the bodybuilding world, he’s known by winning 4 times Arnold classic.

Recently, Flex Wheeler gets an emergency leg amputation so he can return and walk again where he said that he is going to be back in training and to return in shape! Where he became able to walk again and hit the gym and start training.

It would seem that Flex Wheeler is back in training. He uploads a new post to Instagram start doing some intense cardio work. He looks he is back with his determination and he is really motivated to back again. saying some motivation quotes: 

“Learn to accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t except ‼. I’m trying”

Despite that Flex replace his leg with a prosthetic leg, he didn't give up and he back into the gym with intense training.

That’s not all, he also uploads a video on his Instagram doing legs workout with the leg press exercise, yes with his determination and his prosthetic leg he will never give up where he said: 
I will not be Denied !!.

Even the weight that Flex was lifting is light, But the most important thing here that he back to what he was born for, and he is better then he was before few months.

This should be an example for everyone. You have also to push yourself even if you are living in a difficult situation.

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