Flex Wheeler Will Return And Walk Again And Train Again With Prosthetic Leg

Flex Wheeler is going back in shape and walk again.

Flex Wheeler Will Return And Start Training Again With Prosthetic Leg!

Unfortunately, Flex Wheeler has lost his leg, Losing a part of your body is something that most people can't feel it or think about it. For many, This thing looks like it's reserved just for those in military combat, who’ve been fall in the trap, or those who are suffering from a damaging health issue.

And as we said before, Flex Wheeler is one of the people who inside into that latter category. The bodybuilding legend had to remove his right leg due to underlying health problems.

This news was a shock to the bodybuilding world. While Flex Wheeler was having some health issues in the past, no one could have to expect this result.

But despite the sad situation, finally, amazing news has come, Flex Wheeler is keeping his feelings up. And he is promising to walk again and back again in shape with his prosthetic leg it seems like he’ll be able to make that promise.

Flex Wheeler upload this video on his Instagram account showing himself getting more able with walking on his prosthetic leg saying:

Every step I take is incredibly painful and extremely rewarding.
I will continue pushing myself until I’m back to a normal lifestyle. I’m looking forward to resuming my schedule, traveling globally, and inspiring the world.
Now, it’s gone time πŸ”₯Time to get back in shape. I have set a goal to be in the best shape possible by my 55th birthday August 23. Join me
I was built for this πŸ™πŸΎ"

Take a closer look at what Flex Wheeler is saying you will be noticed that he did not lose his determination and he is always motivated.

This is not all, Flex Wheeler also told that he had some changes to his leg where he feels such a much better.

"I just never imagined that I’d ever been able to walk again but just the slight adjustments made things so much better. I’ve never been able to walk this far of a distance before because the pain was just so great."

The most exciting is that Flex Wheeler is getting acclimated more to his new leg. This bodybuilding legend has the psychic strength to master the prosthesis and make a return to form.

Do you think that Flew Wheeler is going back to shape? Write to us with your opinion in the comments below. We are all waiting for him.

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