Joseph Baena Shows His Strength Lifting 405lb Deadlift Of 4 Reps

Joseph Baena still lifting heavy.

Joseph Baena Shows His Strength Lifting 405lb Deadlift Of 4 Reps

There is no doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a symbol and one of the bodybuilding legends. From bodybuilding to acting then to politics, Arnold excellently declined in multiple arenas. His awesome body inspired bodybuilders throughout the world to devote their lives to the craft.

While Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer in his work, his son Joseph Baena is placing him.

Joseph Baena is blessed with great genetics and slowly improves his body like his father. While the future in professional bodybuilding is possible, Baena clearly has a work ethic and fitness to compete with.

As you can see in the next Instagram post-Joseph Baena showcased some awesome strength as you can see where he was Pulling a 405 Lbs deadlift, Baena looks like the spitting picture of his father Arnold.

Joseph Baena continues to improve himself constantly and improving his physique, while he looks like he is following his father's way.  It will be interesting to see how he is going to be in the future and what he is going to do. We're sure that he is going to make a lot of success in his bodybuilding career.

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