Julius Maddox Fails On Lifting The 363kg/800lb Bench Press World Record Attempt And Gets Injured

After a mistake on the first attempt, Julius Maddox gets injured and failed the second attempt.

Julius Maddox Fails On Lifting The 363kg/800lb Bench Press World Record Attempt And Gets Injured

As one of the competitions of World’s Ultimate Strongman of Strength series.
Julius Maddox is trying to improve his world record bench press to make a new record by lifting 350kg/770 lbs at the East Race Muscle Gym in South Bend, Indiana. He achieved 770 lbs back in the last March at the Arnold Sports Festival after having progressed and improve himself since first breaking the all-time raw record back in September, easily lifting the 739.6 lbs.

He is having great previous successes were, but you could not compare to the other weight that he’d attempt with this time which was around 363kg/800lbs! That’s 30 pounds more than his current lift and 10 pounds more than the 790lbs that he attempted on the last month ago where he failed to attempt it.

You can watch the 363kg/800lb Bench Press World Record Attempt below:

This is an unbelievable effort by Julius but unfortunately, he misload the bar.

Maddox wasn't the only that was doing the attempt today, they were several other powerlifters who had an opportunity to achieve new bench press records as part of the “Beasts Of The Bench” competition event.

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Unfortunately, this was a sad experience for Julius Maddox today but was sure that he will be back and achieve the 800 lb bench press after improving more himself in due time and hope. We wish him the best.

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