Larry Wheels Smashes 380Kg Deadlift For 3 Reps

Larry Wheels is breaking the weights up!

Larry Wheels  340Kg Deadlift

The powerlifter Larry Wheels has been doing some really heavyweights in the last moments. He is a well-known powerlifter by lifting heavy weights, he is smashing the deadlift with incredible weights in the last moments after getting a little bit of rest to improve himself more than he was.

In the last June, he was smashing the deadlift for 705lbs, then he does it again with 760lbs after a few weeks later. Then he did it again a few days after but with 793lb for 3 reps! He is going really heavy.

The most exciting thing is that he made a new one recently with huge weights, it was a deadlift for 380kg/838lb for 3 reps on his last training.

This video was uploading by Larry Wheels before 8 hours which means that this lift is probably was yesterday, let’s watch the incredible lift:

From what we can see, the first rep was really easy to lift for Larry, then the things start getting a little harder in the second reps, then he lifts really hard in the last reps.
Here’s what Larry said:

838lbs/380kg x3 dead stop deadlift PR.

I had to break in my new leather @teampersonalrecord belt with a PR and long overdue BELT THROW!”

An impressive deadlift from him, he threw his broken lifting belt to improve and show himself as a “Pr Crusher”

You can see this video also where it is bleeding from his head because of doing 360kg/793lb deadlift for 3 reps.

Actually, that’s not the only time that happened to Larry, this thing happened to him several times so we can say that he became familiar with it.

He uploads this video saying:

“793lbs/360kg 2x3 and 1x2 In my @teampersonalrecord lifting STRAPS with @mikethurston @markboydwus”

Honestly, this powerlifter is a monster and he is really hard to be beaten in weights.

He also recovers really fast and that’s what helps him to come back more than he was. These are some of the things that help him to continue improving himself in this sport.

He will be uploading some videos in the next days sowing maybe lifting more weights. We will be giving you any news about Larry Wheels if he made a new event or a new lift!

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