Phil Heath "Brandon Curry He Has Nothing To Do On My Stage"

Brandon Curry gets called out by Phil Heath.

Phil Heath "Brandon Curry He Has Nothing To Do On My Stage"

The title of Mr. Olympia is the most known and the best title in all time of professional bodybuilding. To win the Olympia means you are best in the world with no talk absolutely. Little athletes who can get up on the stage of Mr. Olympia.

Phil Heath was the winner of the Olympia champion for a lot of years. With his incredible physique and especially his gifted genetics,  Where he named "The Gift" because of it. Heath dominated the Mr. Olympia competition until 2018 when Shawn Rhoden took it from him.

Shawn Rhoden being barred from the competition because of several reasons that happened to him while Phil Heath didn't compete at all.

Brandon Curry "Mr. Olympia"

Coming with a new impressive physique, Brandon Curry did prove his class and win at the 2019 Olympia. He defeated a lot of older athletes like William Bonac, Hadi Choopan, Dexter Jackson, and Roelly Winklaar. Curry didn't win it easy, it was hard work and full commitment.

We can see 2020 got a harder start, the thought as to how to be showed will turn out is up in the air. The current champion recently had an interview with Bob Cicherillo about the future show, and what are his expectations and his preparations.

During the interview, Cicherillo mentions that Phil Heath has blasted off on Brandon Curry. In a letter from the 7 times Mr. Olympia himself.

Heath said:

"Tell Brandon he’s got no shitting business being on my stage."

Brandon Curry replied to him with:

"You know Phil, I just say I’ve been hoping to battle with you for a long time. So if you’re ready to come to the stage man I’m all for it. It would be an honor to stand on stage with Phil Heath and battle it out."

Phil Heath caught up with this:

"There’s nothing wrong with being a one time champ."
"and he’s right,” responded Curry. “there’s nothing wrong with that, but remember, I expect you, if anybody, to come to stage it’d be an honor if you make me a one-time champ."

You can check this full interview in the video below:

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