New American Log lift Record With 215.9 kg By Rob Kearney

Another log lift record attempt by the monster Rob Kearney.

Different weekend with different World’s Ultimate Strongman competition with a new record on the line. This moment, Rob Kearney goes after his own American log lift record. The man with the bright mohawk, who names himself “The World’s Strongest Gay” is going up of the food chain in the Strongman world. What he needs in size, he gets up in hard work and of course, and power.

Rob Kearny was also the highest American log lift record holder, as he wins the American log lift record from Rob-Robert Oberst. Kearney beat Oberst’s record since the last year in the 2019 log lift championship when it was a much easier place and the events were a lot of supporting fans were a normal thing.

Rob Kearney often uses a split-jerk way when doing this log lift, which we don't see this always in powerlifting. If we talk in reality, people don’t like using it because it doesn’t seem as good as it does like pressing with both feet standing in a straight line. However, I may be completely wrong ... maybe Rob just loves the feel of technology and the others don't. However, raising Rob's record has been his strength for years now, and he made it quite clear last year when he broke the US record and again today when he broke his record.

Rob Kearney breaks his new record as you can see in the video below: "AMERICAN LOG LIFT RECORD! 215.9kg/475lbs l ROB KEARNEY BREAKS HIS OWN RECORD"

He became the new record holder, he is riding a wave of confidence on himself and had zero issues with the press. The new record judged via skype by applying strict standards of world log lift record holder and Strongman legend on him, Zydrunas Savickas.

Kearney made the 216 kg lift look easy, and even the strictest standards of Zydrunas Savickas’ skype eyes couldn't upset Rob Kearney from making his own new record. Were ur that he is going to make new records in the newt weeks.

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