Sam Bryant Jr. The 70-Year-Old Bodybuilder That You Will Shocked By His Body

At 70 years old, he's a bodybuilder and still in great shape as the young guns.

Sam Byrant Jr. The 70-year-old bodybuilder. Take a look at his photo. Here is Byrant’s part on what that number means to him: "People have the misconception that age makes you old, but I realize that you know, it’s a state of mind that makes you old," He said also " Age is just a number, and it gives most people a reason to be lazy and not do anything.”

Can you believe that 5’10”, 176-pound is when Sam Bryant only started going to the gym when he was 44 years old? yes, it is. At the beginning of the story, it was to relieve stress from his failing marriage? Less than a year later, a lot of things have been changed, people at the gym were encouraging him to enter bodybuilding competitions. Twenty-six years later, he hasn’t given up.

Augusta Chronicle Has made this motivation video on Byrant, maybe you want to know more about his life details story and how he started, his training, and nutrition, and what motivates him until he made all of these succeed in his life, I'm advising you to check out the amazing profile of Sam Byrant Jr. Maybe it will be the first motivation that you will change your life because of it.

Augusta Chronicle also has made another video showing his competition in the 2013 INBF Southern Natural Bodybuilding and the figure championship competition.

This man is impressive and seems so cool in his mind. maybe it's your time to start as he did.

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