"Now is the time to change everything."

The Rock Calls Out For Leadership for Loss of Support for Black Lives Matter Importance.

George Floyd protest has crossed all the country. All of the protestors are making their voices listened as they walk in the streets of every important American city.
It's time to change everything and the people are filled up with the platitudes.

In a time of our biggest need, many believe that bigger leadership is not doing their work. But the goal of leadership is to be a guide for the people, a sun to look to in the darkest times.

At this powerful moment in history, a lot of people see that there is no beacon of hope. They see no change. And they are those who will reference looters who seem to use the moment to steal, but the reality is that the change stems from something bigger than the chance at nabbing some Gucci shoe store.

With providing a message of solidarity with the protests, Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ went to social media to tell his opinion. The Rock is also fed up with leadership as well as we can see from the video that he posted him on his Instagram account.

Never have I been more proud to say I am an American at this moment. The people are sick of being knocked down and quieted. Police brutality, inequality, racial and financial, those people have had enough.

Now is the time to change everything. If not then we are ready to see the results of neglecting the people's voice.

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