Olympic Weightlifter Antonio Krastev Died In Car Accident

Antonio Krastev tragically passed away from a car crash.

Shocking sad news has hit the weightlifting fans and community in all, where it was reported that Antonio Krastev has passed away at the age of 58 years old.

Antonio Krastev is a Bulgarian Olympic weightlifter born on 10 October 1961 and passed away on 9 July 2020, he wins a lot of different World Cups in his career and he also qualified for the Olympic of 1988.

But he wasn't ready to compete in the Olympic games, they are also two of his partner team who failed to compete in because of the drug test because of competition so they were eliminated because of this, which made the all team removed up from the Olympic after being qualified.

Antonio Krastev has passed away on June 9th, 2020.

Sadly, Antonio Krastev has passed away on Thursday, June 9th, 2020. According to reports and some statements, Krastev's death cause has a relation with alcohol which involved him in a car accident where he didn't wear his seatbelt which increases the risk of his death.

Vale Antonio Krastev. 1961 to 2020.

It's really sad to hear that Krastev died in a car accidentHe was one of the strongest and talented weightlifters in Bulgaria.

He has achieved a lot of success in his life by being qualified for the 1988 Olympic games and winning multiple championships worldwide.

He was representing the united states in all of these events that mention them, but unfortunately, he was trying to get his U.S. citizenship in time for the Olympics and he didn't get it.

We are going to mention the most known of his success in his career:

Antonio made his first world record snatch in 1987 by lifting 216kg. The record continued until 1993 after reconstructed the weight classes and made changes there. It was the heaviest snatch lift ever preformed in the weightlifting till it found another similar snatch in 2016 and finally beat in 2017. He was called by "strongest man on the planet" by an American magazine after making his new world record.

All Of Fitness And Bodybuilding offers his condolences to his family and of all his friends during this time. This will be a very difficult time for them.

Despite his death cause or the way that he died of it, he was talented and we have to remember that even if he didn't compete in the Olympic games. He was impressive and he still likes that and he will be mentioned as a legendary weight lifter for all the weightlifting community.

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