Best Arms Workout For Massive Arms

Massive arms workout to blast your arms.

Best Arms Workout

Some of the gyms in some cities are starts to open, so it's time to be back to our massive workouts.

First of all, we are going to give you great advice which is do not hurry to lift heavy weights because your body is not used to lift heavy weights for a while.

In All Of Fitness And Bodybuilding, we decide today to give you a special workout which will be about the big arms workout routine, we are focusing on this part of your body because they are one of the best parts that will make your body looks wider.

We've been talking before about The Best Resistance Band Arm Workout To Grow Your Arms and by the gyms are opening, so we can back and trains with machines and barbells and dumbells.

The best current method Is to start lifting the weights gradually on your arms and makes them back as they were.

Because many think that heavyweight may restore the muscle to what it was before, but all of this information is all wrong...

The most important thing to bring up your arms or any muscle part of your body is to focus as much as you can in your arms workout. If you focus on your muscle that you train it with squeezing it, you will return to the way it was before.

And don't forget that muscle memory I playing a big part in recovering muscle size before. This full arms workout is requiring gyms equipment like dumbells and barbells and probably machines.

And with your utilization of this training and your commitment to your clean diet, I'm sure that you will find great results with all your body.

But before we start our workout, let's take a quick look at the anatomy of the forearms, biceps and triceps, their role, and how they work, and what are the best exercises for each muscle group of them. To help you as much as we can so we will be giving you arms workout for mass to made those guns huge!

Arms anatomy:

arms anatomy


-Biceps Brachii:

Position: Front portion of the upper arm between the elbow and your shoulder
Function: Flexion of your elbows, which made the curling motion
Best Exercises: Barbell Biceps Curl and Dumbbell Curls


Location: Small part muscle over the lower part of the upper arm that link between the lower arm and you're forearms
Function: Elbow Flexion
Best Exercise: Hammer Curls and Reverse Curls


Triceps Brachii:

Location: Rear part of the upper arm between the elbow and the shoulder
Function: Extension of the elbow
Best Exercises: Lying Tricep Press and Close-Grip Bench Press


Pronator Teres:

Location: Underbelly of the forearm
Function: Turning the hand so the palm is facing down
Best Exercise: Palm Up Barbell Wrist Curls Over Bench


Location: Top and outer portion of the forearm
Function: Flexes the arm at the elbow
Best Exercise: Palm Down Barbell Wrist Curls Over Bench

There was the complete anatomy of the arms and the best exercises that target them. But we will talk in our topic for just the biceps and triceps, we've been talking before about Best 4 Exercise To Get Huge Forearms so you can back and check it again.

And we will give you the best arms workout exercises that isolate your biceps and triceps on other muscle parts so you can focus on them more!

After we know all of that, let us go directly to our full arms workout and start our exercises,  do all of these 6 arms exercises for 3 sets of 12-10-8 reps.

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The ultimate guide to your complete arms workout:


Barbell curl: 

Barbell curl

One of the most important exercises of compound movements that target the biceps brachii part.

We see a lot of bodybuilding legends advising this exercise (Arnold Schwarzenegger) because it is one of the basic exercises for making your arms huge.

Start your exercise with standing in normal position, your chest up with holding a barbell in your hands with an underhand grip.

Curl the bar with your biceps to your shoulders height, don't do that fast and you have to remember to always focus to curl the bar with your biceps so you can isolate it.

Try to squeeze your biceps for 2 seconds then start lowering the bars slowly to the starting position.

EZ-bar spider curl: 

EZ-bar spider curl

after starting our workout with ca compound movement we are going to switch to this movement where's are going to focus more on our biceps.

With this exercise, we are going to isolate and add more definition to our biceps on all our arms.

You are going to start your position facing an incline bench, the EZ-bar is more comfortable than the dumbells so you will feel more comfortable, also your angle will be helping you to isolate your biceps as we say before.

Start curling yours with your arms focusing on your biceps until your elbows are locked then squeeze your biceps and start lowering the bar slowly back to the starting position.

Hammer curl:

Hammer curl

If you ask a lot of expert athletes, they will say to you that this is the best finisher for your big arms workout, the hammer curl is an easy and effective exercise.

The hammer curl targets the long head of the biceps which is the outer part of your biceps as well as the brachialis, the upper part of the forearms.

The best way to perform this exercise is by grabbing the dumbells, stand up in a normal position, holding the dumbbell in each hand. Make sure that your palms facing torso.

Curl the dumbells with focusing to lift them with your biceps engaging them with your forearms until the top with squeezing your biceps for 2 seconds.

Start lowering the weights using your forearm to control the movement. Hold your elbow stationary.

If you want to focus more, do it with each arm, for example, do 12 reps in your left arms then complete the other side. This will help you to benefit more from this exercise.

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EZ-bar lying triceps extension: 

EZ-bar lying triceps extension

or as we called it (Skullcruher) is one of the best exercises for triceps building, if you want to build big triceps, then I'm advising you to start your workout with this exercise.

You are going to start this exercise by grabbing an EZ barbell, your palms facing down with your hands on shoulder width, and make sure that you make your elbows in during this exercise.

Start lowering the bar slowly about a few inches from your head (this is why its name of skull crusher!), then slowly extend your arms and go up focusing on pushing with your triceps back to the starting position. Keep this movement sow so you can feel your triceps burning!

Close grip bench press: 

Close grip bench press

Here it comes the close grip bench press on of best compound movements that work on your upper body and targets especially your triceps. It involves your upper chest and your front shoulders but a little percentage.

I advise you also to use a smith machine to avoid injuries and for your safety. Lie flat on the smith bench press with a close grip and lift the bar, you have to keep your arms locked to make sure that we are targeting the triceps part, and hold the bar straight over you.

Start bringing the bar slowly to your chest keeping your elbows close and locked to your body and stop when it comes before your chest in few inches.

Then push the bar in a fast way with your triceps and lock your arms as you bring the bar to the starting position, don't forget to inhale when you bring the bare and exhale when you push it.

Dumbbell seated overhead tricep extension: 

Dumbbell seated overhead tricep extension

A great finisher for your triceps workout where we are going to target all head of the triceps (Triceps brachii)

Hold a dumbbell and sit on a flat bench or chair and hold the dumbbell on its side on one knee. pick up the dumbbell to your hands lifting it with your knees then take it around your shoulders and bring it around your back.

Raise the dumbbell by extending your elbows and squeezing your triceps when you get at the top, and lower the dumbbell slowly to the starting position by flexing your elbows.

This was the full arms workout if you like it share it.

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