Best Chest Workout: Blow Your Chest With These Exercises

The best chest workout that will grow your chest perfectly!

Today we are going to give you the best chest exercises that will help you to build your chest perfectly.

We all agree that the chest muscle is the most beautiful muscle part in the human body, and we all want to get that wonderful, great chest. It's also one of the muscles That differentiate between the athlete and the normal person.

Best Chest Workout: Blow Your Chest With These Effective Exercises

But before we start on our chest exercises, let us first take a look at the anatomy of the chest to know the different muscle fibers out there and to also know the correct way how the chest works.

Even it will be easier for you to know how to target your weak part of your chest and how to improve it so it can become bigger and more beautiful.

Chest anatomy:

Chest anatomy

Upper pectoral: The upper part of your chest, one of the best exercise that can make you target your upper chest is the incline press.

Middle pectoral: The middle part of your chest, the easiest part that you can work your chest on it, one of the best exercises that target this part is the bench press, they still more exercise that you will know them in this chest workout routine.

Lower pectoral: The weakest part and the hardest part at the same time that you will find difficulties when you work on it, but don't worry because we will be giving you an exercise that targets your lower chest and you will feel it.

The vertical chest anatomy is also divided into two parts:

External tissue: The outer part of your chest, which is located between your chest and your shoulders.
Internal tissue: The inner part of your chest, which is located in the half of your chest.

So now it will become easier for you to know the chest parts, let us go directly to explain each exercise and which part is the targeted muscle. You will be doing 3 to 4 sets of 12 to 8 reps with increasing the weight on every set.

Chest workouts for men:

Flat bench press: 
Bench press

Well-known exercise, this is a basic exercise and one of the best chest press exercises that target your chest generally in all parts. It also works to get more thickness on your chest especially the middle part.

The bench press also is one of the best compound movements, this exercise makes you lift more weight than the other exercises because you are helping your chest with your triceps.

Take a normal grip so you can work on both internal and external fibers (pectoralis major) and always remember that the wide grip of the bar is targeting more the external tissue and the close grip of the bar I targeting more your internal tissue. But for your safety, it prefers to do it with a grip wider than shoulders, about the bench holding it will be an overhand grip for sure.

Lie on a bench press and trap the bar in the medium as we said, lift the bar with your hands, and start lowering the bar towards your middle chest and when the bar is close to touching your chest, push it with focus on activating your chest during this movement.

Incline dumbbell bench press:
Incline dumbbell bench press

One of the best exercises that target your upper chest and make it bigger, hold 2 dumbbells in your hands and sit on a 45-degree bench so you can target your upper pectoral.

Do not sit on a bench that its more than 45-degree because you will be targeting your front part of your shoulders, The more degree of inclination, the more you target your shoulders. To make it harder squeeze your chest when you go up and go all the way down to get the full range of motion of this movement.

Advice: If your upper chest is the weakest part in your pecs that recommend you start your chest workout with this exercise.

Why do we are training our upper chest with dumbbells?

Well, the reason is to take advantage and benefit from both bar and dumbbells, exercise with bar makes you lift more weight, and the exercise with dumbbells makes you get more path movement and contraction. This means that when you're lowering the dumbbells your working more on the internal pectoral tissue and when you push up the weight you're working on the external tissue of your pecs. It looks a little complicated, but you're going to learn it with time.

Cable fly:
Cable fly

Doing the cable fly or the cable crossover exercise will be giving you a crazy pump to your chest, all of the fly exercises are for enlarging the chest. Here we are giving our chest a new contraction type instead of pressing.

This exercise will be working on your lower part of the chest by to get that classic shape chest like Arnold and others from the old school as it called. And as advice make sure to squeeze your chest on every rep on this exercise to get more blood flow and pump to your chest.

Attach a cable and get one in each hand and slightly bent your arms. Place one foot a little forward than the other.

Pull the cable with your arms using your chest across your body then start bringing the cable slowly to return to the start position under control, be careful to use high weight because this will damage your biceps and your wrist.

Chest dips

A really important bodyweight exercise for your chest muscle building, you should ignore those exercises in any workout of your chest and it works on getting more thickness on the lower part of your chest. Not just this, dips will work on all your upper body, shoulders, triceps, and upper back.

Take the bars of the dip position with palms facing in and make sure that your arms are straight. Now start slowly lowering yourself until your elbows are at 90-degree angles. Push yourself up to the top while squeezing your chest, but here you're going to do 5 sets to failure. If you want to isolate your chest then don't go all the way up and push your chest outside.

Pec deck:
Pec deck

Now here we are putting more tension on our chest by isolating him, the pec deck or the fly machine is an exercise that puts more mass and strength in our pecs, the pec deck is a great exercise because it's known by his high intensity especially if you're doing it with a drop set technique with squeezing your chest on every rep for about 2 seconds, your chest up and your back is fixed and from that, you will be more activating and isolating your chest muscle, try it.

Dumbbell fly: 
Dumbbell fly

We will finish our chest-day workout with the dumbbell fly, this exercise works to enlarge your pecs and build more thickness to them. You will finish your workout with this exercise, it will help you also to get rid of the sagging chest if you're having this problem, which will give you the 3D shape to your chest. Make sure to open your arms well and stretch your chest to put high tension on our chest. This is one of the preferred exercises to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Finally, we finish our chest workout after we hit all parts of our pecs but the most important of this is to focus and do it right and don't use a heavy-weight so you can stay safe and make sure to squeeze your chest on every movement of these exercises and you will find great results soon!

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