Shoulders Workout: Best Exercises To Blow Up Your Shoulders

Best shoulder exercises for men to improve shoulders shape.

Shoulders Workout: Best Exercises To Blow Up Your Shoulders

Today we will be giving you best shoulder exercises which will help you a lot to grow your shoulders. Shoulders are one of the most important muscles that help you to build an aesthetic body if you know how to train your shoulders.

In this shoulders workout routine, you will know how to train your shoulders properly with the best techniques that will help you to grow them. The shoulders also can give your body more strength and shape, it gives what is known as the V shape that gives more beauty and symmetry to your body.

But it's also one of the dangerous muscles in the human body that can cause you a lot of injuries to your body. so you have to know how you train them because it's a sensitive muscle full of joints.

But before we start on our shoulders workout lets take a look on the:

shoulders anatomy:

Shoulders anatomy

1-Anterior deltoid:
First, we have the front part of your shoulders. This part works a lot when you train your chest. And it works a lot in your body in a lot of movements in the day.

2-Medial deltoid:
The middle part of your shoulders, this part is the secret of the aesthetic of your shoulders and it plays a big part in your body. In another way, it makes clothes look amazing on you!

3-Posterior deltoid:
It's known as the rear delts or the shoulder blade, It's the weakest part of your shoulders, and it's hard to work and focus on it. This part works a little bit in the back exercises. This part also gives us as we called "3D shoulders shape" and it might be the reason for the back curvature if you didn't know how you can target them.

Full shoulder workout:

Warm-up: Before we start our workout we have to warm up our shoulders well so make sure to avoid injuries on our shoulders joint, you can warm up your shoulders with a resistance band or using a cable for 3 sets of 20 reps with a lightweight with a full range of motion so you can warm up all of your shoulders part.

Dumbell shoulder press:

dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell press is a very important exercise, this is one of the best exercises to increase your shoulder's thickness. Start your exercise by sitting on a bench in a normal form, start holding a dumbbell in each hand dumbbells with an overhand grip to your shoulder height. Push the weights up over your head until your arms are completely extended. Then return slowly to the start position (Don't let your arms extended when you go up for a long time)

This exercise target all parts of your shoulders (front, middle, and rear delts). The triceps is an involved muscle in this exercise which means that you're working on your arms and shoulders you can put more weight!

Upright row:

upright row

An amazing exercise for the shoulders mass. The upright row exercise target your front, middle part of your shoulders and your traps, This is a compound movement benefit you to lift heavier weight, you can do less rep and bigger weights to blow up your shoulders!

Take a barbell or a pair of dumbbells in front of you with a little bent on your arms. Stand up straight, fix your back also, and focus on your shoulders muscles.

Raise the barbell straight up to your chin, using your elbows and squeeze your shoulders at the top of the position. Pause at the top for 2 seconds then lower the barbell slowly to the starting position, this exercise requires a lightweight.

Barbell standing military press:

barbell standing press

The overhead pressing exercise will not just target your triceps, it will give you extra power and strength to your body when you're standing up, try to use a weight lifting belt on this exercise to avoid injuries on your lower back. A lot of athletes and coaches said that this exercise is really good for strengthening and increasing your core power.

Start your position by standing and holding a barbell with an overhand grip. Place your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Take the barbell to shoulder height and your palms facing out. Push the barbell slowly focusing and your shoulders straight overhead and squeeze your shoulders when you reach the top position.

After that, bring back the barbell to the starting position but don't let the barbell rest on your upper body so you can keep high tension on your shoulders.

Barbell front raise:

barbell front raise

A good exercise to isolate your front part of your shoulders and strengthen the front muscles of the shoulders. Remember to lower the weight and do high reps also because we don't want to target our traps.

Stand in a normal position lifting a barbell, fix your back, and your chest up. Start raising your arms to the top keeping your elbows locked out, Once the arms are equal to the floor, squeeze your shoulders and lower the barbell to return again to the starting position.

Lateral raise:

Lateral raise

One of the best muscle building shoulder exercises that target your middle part of your shoulders, if you know how to work perfectly this exercise you will see a big change in your shoulders. The key to this exercise is to use lightweight with 20-15 reps at least.

Choose two lightweight dumbbells that you can do at least 15 reps with them.

Stand up with two dumbells in your side, palms facing your body. Keep your back fixed and your chest up and do not swing with your arms to protect your back.

Lift out the dumbells to your side with a slight bend in your elbows so you can target your shoulders and avoid more injuries. Push up until your elbows are equal then lower the dumbells slowly returning to the starting position.

Bent over reverse fly:

Bent over reverse fly

This is one of the strongest shoulders exercises, this exercise targets your posterior deltoid or the rear delts and it strengthens them and improves their shape from the back. It also works on both shoulders and back. To focus more on this exercise lie on a bench at 45 degrees and bend your knees or you can do it standing in normal position, don't swing your arms, start doing this movement lying face down on it.

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