Best Calf Exercises And Techniques To Grow Your Calf

Best calf muscle exercises for mass.

Best calf exercises

This time about the calf, there's a lot of people who are having a weak calf, they don't know how to train calf and what are the best exercises for the calf.

How to grow your calf?

The first factor to strengthen and grow the calf muscle is the concentration, we have to focus on the soleus muscle which is the outer part of our calf. And you have to focus on your gastroc the inner part of this muscle.

Calf anatomy

As you can see, we have two muscle part in the calf, the difference between them is that one of them you have to straighten your knees in order to grow it which is the gastroc, and the other part requires a slight bend in your knees in order to work on it which is the soleus muscle.

One of the big mistakes that the athletes do is that they go up and down 'bouncing' and this will not give you any results.

We will be doing hitting the 2 different parts in this calf exercises without equipment, you don't need any equipment, just your bodyweight. now in this workout, we will be doing some different exercise of bouncing that will hit the 2 parts.

Full calf muscle exercises routine:

1 Minute of calf launchers:

Calf launchers

The first exercise that we will start our workout with it, this still one of the calf exercises that you can do without equipment. You will be able to put high tension to your calf in this intense exercise with your body weight.

You will put your feet under a bench that is straight, don't put your feet under another angle because this will not work, so what we are looking for is when we push our body out, our feet will be under the bench so it can be the only thing that holds me and when we pull our body our calf can rest for a second so we can put high tension by flexing them again.

Sit back, launch your body our and hold for 2 seconds, here you squeeze your calf for a second then go back to the starting position, you will do this for 1 minute.

1 Minute of dumbbell calf raises:

Calf raises

In the seconds exercise we will use our gastrocs, hold a dumbbell in your hand, put a block ora box that you can hold or put your feet on it, you don't need something very high, 8-10 centimeters is good for this exercise, this actually allows us to stretch our knees in full extension and here we hit the gastroc.

When your calf is fully extended you will be able to push yourself littler bit forward and here you create more tension on your calf, hold the dumbbell in front of you, in this position you create a similar movement to the donkey calf raises exercise because of leaning forward.

In this position, you are going to come up in a half rep first, this called "additional stretch" then you will go all the way up, and then go all the way down, then go back to the half rep, by doing this we're getting two types of contraction.

You're going to do a normal position in the first set for 1 minute, in the second set your toes out so we're working more on our inner gastroc, then you come back another time in the last set and your toes in so we're working more on our outer toes.

These were the only 2 exercises that we going to do them, but they are not easy, in this workout we hit all the angles and parts of our calf. You can do a superset in this workout by doing 2 exercises at the same time (3 sets of 1 minute of each exercise.)

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