Hunter Labrada Looks Incredible 9 Days Out From Tampa Pro

Hunter Labrada shows his unbelievable physique before 9 days out of Tampa Pro.

Hunter Labrada has made a big sensation in the last time when he was looking shredded before 6 weeks out from his pro start and now, he uploads another photo remembering us how he is looking now!

Usually, a professional bodybuilder start in his first time is usually having a small buzz, but for the 28 years old Hunter Labrada it's not the same thing. Being the son of the legendary bodybuilder IFBB Pro hall in Famer Lee Labrada, Hunter takes more additional buzz and attention in his career.

Well a lot of us see that this is unfair while others are seeing the opposite, his body is perfect and he is doing well and he's making great progress in his bodybuilding career. We've been seeing hunter get the first place in every contest he competes in, including 2018 NPC Nationals where he gets his pro card and starts his professional career.

Hunter Labrada is preparing himself to compete in his first pro show "Tampa Pro". This is the first pro show that will happen since the health crisis that is currently happening in the world, Labrada seems that he is happy to compete in his first pro show. 9 days left for this show. Labrada took his Instagram to share his progress and his body before this start, he looks huge.

"9 days till those bright lights hit😎 I will be ready👊🏻"
Hunter Labrada 9 days out from Tampa Pro

This is not the only photo of his body, there still more 2 new photos of his update.

"Another one *DJ Khaled voice*"
Hunter Labrada Tampa Pro

From what Labrada is saying, he is trusting on himself, he keeps uploading another photo of his posing saying: "Swear I'm done after this one… for today🤣😈😎"

Hunter Labrada Tampa Pro

But the main question is:

Can Labrada get the 1st place in Tampa Pro?

Well from these photos from his pro debut, Hunter Labrada pro seems that he is focusing on himself, and working hard we will see an impressive body at the stage. All of these indications are an exciting point that we can add them to the men's open division. We will see if Labrada can get top places after 9 days.

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