Ivan Makarov Falls After Deadlifting 470 Kg

Ivan Makarov falls while smashing a 470 kg deadlift in his prep.

Ivan Makarov Falls After Deadlifting 470 Kg

One of the strongest men in the world the Russian Ivan Makarov is training hard and prepare for a world record attempt in September. In his recent training, we saw him make an accident because of passing his limits.

Generally, all of the athletes are always dream of breaking new records until his name shows up in the list of the strongest powerlifter in the world. The powerlifter should always ask himself if he wants more success and new records.

Ivan Makarov, his main goal is to pull the heaviest deadlift. He is one of the strongest men in the world, and now Ivan Makarov is planning to do his deadlift in a massive weight of 520 kg.

Especially when Hafthor Bjornsson made a new deadlift record for 501 kg which has increased the competitiveness of Ivan Makarov.

In his last training video, Ivan Makarov deadlifts 470 kg (1034 pounds) 1.5 times, he fights and struggles to complete the second rep but he falls on the ground. You can see this in the video below when he deadlifts with massive weight.

Ivan Makarov 470 kg deadlift

470кг на 1.5 раза 😁.Подготовка к рекорду продолжается ,все идёт по плану . Огромная просьба ко всем ,друзья делитесь пожалуйста моим видео ,для меня это очень важно , будет поддержка ,я смогу очень многое . И ещё хотелось сказать ,на подготовку уходят большие финансовые средства ,у меня нет спонсоров ,ни какой финансовой поддержки ,поэтому я ищу партнёров для сотрудничества на взаимовыгодных условиях . 470kg for 1.5 times 😁. Preparation for the record continues, everything goes according to plan. A huge request to everyone, friends please share my video, for me it is very important, there will be support, I can do a lot. And I also wanted to say that a lot of financial resources are spent on preparation, I have no sponsors, no financial support, so I am looking for partners for cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. @eddiehallwsm @strongmanmotivation @larrywheels @powerliftingmotivation @therock @shawstrength
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Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the second rep, that leads to the question:

Can Iven Makarov Deadlift 520 kg?

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