Shawn Rhoden Will Not Compete In 2020 Mr. Olympia

New things happen can make Shawn Rhoden out from competing in Mr. Olympia 2020.

Shawn Rhoden known by winning the 2018 Mr. Olympia and eliminated in Mr. Olimpia 2019 because of some trouble happened to him this thing makes more excitement and confusion at the same time.

The news was reported by Nick Trigili on his last podcast in his Instagram account saying that Shawn Rhoden in high percentage will not be competing in 2020, Mr. Olympia.

Actually, that's not shocking news because we've been expecting that because of some details that prove that Shawn Rhoden out of the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

The Olympia is about five months from now, these new reports can break down Rhoden plans in  2020 Mr. Olympia.

There are some main reasons related to this story that is related to Shawn Rhoden competing.

Shawn Rhoden has gone away and moved from Venice, California, and moved to the new place, Oxnard with his girlfriend. Oxnard is about an hour away with no traffic from Gold’s Gym, Venice, and this really far which can put some difficulties in Shawn Rhoden training.

Shawn Rhoden isn't having an official sponsor so he has to spend his own money.

The main reason and the big problem is that Shawn Rhoden living now away from Venice, this will prevent him to train with his main coach Charles Glass.

Charles Glass was the main coach of Shawn for several years after he left his former coach Chris ‘Psycho’ Lewis.

We are not going to see Rhoden as he was in Olympia 2018 shape because Charles was the main motivation for him but he left him and it's clear that a lot of things will happen to him and he has to deal with it.

Rhoden's best friend Stanimal De Longeaux IFBB PRO has moved to Chicago which is another factor that Rhoden can find some difficulties in prep because of it, he was by side with Rhoden for several years helping him and motivating him in his training and diet.

And here it comes the big problem for Rhoden which prevents him from competing in Mr. Olympia last year "The rape charges".

With all these additions, it's clear that Rhoden will be missed in the 2020 Olympia like the last year.


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