Brandon Breitenbach Sets World Record "Murph"

Brandon Breitenbach, the Californian who did 17 rounds in 24 hours.

Brandon Breitenbach Sets World Record "Murph"

It was only three months ago when Charleston, South Carolina Lee Davis made an unofficial world record for "Murph" performed in one day for the largest number of heroes. The "Murph" was completed 16 times.
Brandon Breitenbach now surpassed that in the record books, to etch his name. Breitenbach, a California native of 34 years, made the "Murph" 17 times in one day.

The "Murph" Hero WOD is wearing a 20 lb weighted jacket while performing:

1-mile run
One hundred pull-ups
Two hundred push-ups
300 of the squats
1-mile run

When all was said and done, Breitenbach did in less than 24 hours:

1,700 pull-ups 3.400 pushups
5,100 of the squats
Ran 54 km

"Do you remember that one time you did 17 Murph workouts in 23 hrs to set a new world record?"

On Wednesday, August 5th, Breitenbach started his first series of "Murph" at 6:30 am. On Thursday, August 6th, he finished his 17th round at 5:20 am. Doing too many times and running that many miles is a challenging job. One that Breitenbach had to deal with mentally as much as he did physically.

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"so many moments on the floor when that voice inside would tell me to can’t do have nothing left... and I had to yell out GET UP! GET UP, Brandon! You have to Go One More! #goonemore"

He didn't prepare for the end of months. He said this on the post on his Instagram page, he was looking for a challenge, consider trying a "Murph" world record.

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