Luke Sandoe's Family Announce His Real Cause Of Death Was Not Suicide

The family of Luke Sandoe has revealed additional facts about him.

Luke Sandoe's Family Announce His Real Cause Of Death Was Not Suicide

The Luke Sandoe family denied reports of suicide on August 3rd, which would have been Sandoe's 32nd birthday, and stated that his cause of death was because of heart failure. The family put out a post on the official Instagram page of Luke Sandoe about what would have been the 32nd birthday of the bodybuilder. They will share what they call Luke, his official cause of death.

The news of the death of Luke Sandoe was a surprising, tragic turn of events. Based on reports from other reports, it looked as if during the lockdown the UK bodybuilder had taken his own life based on original statements made by those close to him. It's now confirmed that wasn't the case.

The Sandoe's family also reported that the passing of the bodybuilder was integral in the bodybuilder's industries, particulate matter sponsors, and promoters.

The original report on Sandoe's death showed a suicide committed by the bodybuilder. Those in the group who felt they were close to Sandoe mentioned mental health and depression as they shared their condolences. This in effect led to the belief that the bodybuilder was doing himself harm.

Now that the Luke Sandoe family has given the evidence, the matter has been cleared up. Once again All of fitness and bodybuilding team sends condolences to the Luke Sandoe family and friends.

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