Workouts: You Should Do These Old School Exercises

Bring those old classic movements back.

Workouts: You Should Do These Old School Exercises

Bodybuilding is an attempt to find the right workout program that will give you the best results you're looking for. Once it comes to muscle building, you must go through several trials and errors and find out what workouts fit well for your body. Choosing to turn your body is a hard challenge too. No half-measures, no easy corrections. 

That creativity is the secret to success is a tad misconstrued for many young bodybuilders, and individuals new to lifting. Sure, modern drills and equipment can be perfect in terms of usability and can be a very effective and successful way in developing muscles, but that doesn't change the fact that the classic exercises still give some of the best results to create a solid, attractive physique.

All of that said, it would appear that many bodybuilders have forgotten some classic exercises that have made some of the best gains ever since they were developed.

1-Arnold Press:

A dumbbell press named for Arnold, this exercise was a significant innovation to target your shoulder. The dumbbell rotation on the way up adds a greater range of motion, which means targeting different muscles in the shoulders. This means targeting more of your shoulders and muscle fibers.

2-Dumbell / Barbell Curl and Press:

It's hard to believe that you don't see every gym across the globe executing this movement. 

Inspired exercise by Dave Draper is essentially a two in a single affair. The motion is both a press of the shoulder and a curl, all wrapped in one exercise. For the price of one, you get two exercises and would work perfectly on any muscle like biceps, triceps, or shoulder days.

3-Barbell Bent Press:

This exercise is more than a strongman lift, but it's an exercise that you should think about adding to your routine.

Why? Because it's just as essential to building up functional force as your biceps. If you want heavy, lifting then think about building up your overall strength. 

4-Pinch-grip Deadlift Hold:

We've all seen the normal deadlift before, a great exercise to build up the back and lower back also, but this variation can help your gains. 

The Steve Reeves variant involves keeping the weighted plates facing the outside, raising them up, barbell, and all for an exercise that will work your forearms, thighs, lower back, and strengthen your grip.

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