Phil Heath Announces His Participation In Mr. Olympia 2020

Phil Heath reveals that he will complete some "unfinished business" at Mr. Olympia 2020 this December.

Phil Heath Announces His Participation In Mr. Olympia In Mr. Olympia 2020

Since Phil Heath lost the title of Mr. Olympia in 2018, fans have been crying out to know if he will return to try to beat the world record of 8 Olympic wins (corresponding to the 2 legends Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney). We've heard nothing about his participation in the last two years. Phil left 2019 and remained quiet for the rest of 2020 so far.

Phil Heath, Mr. Olympia 2020 Participation.

Although the specifics remain short, Phil Heath eventually avoided cryptic teases and posted a direct message announce to his fans saying:

It’s time to handle some #unfinishedbusiness. See you at @mrolympiallc this December. Link in bio. #theolympia

A short, beautiful message, but a strong one for Phil Heath fans and bodybuilding fans.
This announcement has massively changed the game to what we can expect at Mr. Olympia this year.

Phil Heath launched a new website, including the Instagram announcement, apparently dedicated to tracking his journey towards Mr. Olympia later this year. The key message? Phil will get his eight-win and his place as the holder of world records.

Overall, Mr. Olympia faced some unforeseen challenges this year relative to previous years. Mr. Olympia's weekend brand was sold earlier this year by AMI to Jake Wood. The epidemic has put the entire bodybuilding season in a hold and closed everything.

Hopefully, things are changing and the competitions are going back as expected because Mr. Olympia 2020 is now an enormous cause for us to pay attention to. Is Phil Heath going to win it? We can see that in December.

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