The 5 Worst Injuries On Bodybuilders Of All Time

 Worst injuries in the bodybuilding world ever


Lifting heavyweight with many reps in a long period will cause injury. Some will be more dangerous than others, but you'll end up doing something wrong and the result won't be good. I'm not trying to be condescending here, it's a truth.

Shit happens, we're normal people, now and then we will make a mistake. You're trying to impress a beautiful girl in the gym with your heavyweight bench press and almost end up killing yourself. You may try to get rid of that extra rep that you've been searching for weeks and your body says, "No, we're done for today," and you have a torn bicep before you know it. 

Now imagine what happens when big, giant bodybuilders move out of their body limits a little like a career. Well, you will not have to imagine because I have a list of the 5 worst injuries on the bodybuilding world of all time and I'm double-checking it.

1.Calum Von Moger: Tearing of biceps

In recent years, the latest breakthrough in the bodybuilding industry and business has been Calum Von Moger. He's energetic, fashionable, good in his social media game, and he looks a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At the end of 2017, he agreed to train with the competitive Classic Physique after a training session with Chris Bumstead. The end hasn't been good.

They try to take it once, barely. They are trying for a second curl and the right bicep from Calum is calling it darkness. He had an operation; he recovered, and he was about to get back into shape and well ... let's just say we're going to see him here again on the list.

2.Ronnie Coleman: Numerous injuries to the back

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Ronnie Coleman is he saying"Ronnie Coleman yeah buddy" from the top of his lungs to get himself motivated and put heavyweight. Then the next thing you can note is that he's squatting up an 800 pounds with a lot of weight squeezed out his leg.

Ronnie began to catch up with all those years of the heavy lifting for reps. He experienced his third major operation on the back on September, 11th since his retirement. This prognosis is not perfect at all, there is a large chance he can't train at all.

3.Scott Mendelson: Chest Tear

Scott Mendelson is a wrestler and powerlifter with a sharp arm. Specializing in the bench press, he has earned several competitive victories in the division of super heavyweight. In the powerlifting culture, you might tell he is a big deal. During 2013

He was in a big powerlifting competition and he hit massive numbers on the bench press being a big guy. He went first for 645 pounds which would have gone better but he got it right. With a gross bench press of 715 pounds, he then tried to set a world record. Let's assume that stuff didn't go as supposed to be.

4.Calum Von Moger: Biceps torn and broken knee

Well, look who's came upon this list again! He recovered from his bicep tear, went to Australia, and climbed the rock. Very soon, he lost his balance trying to get off a shot, lost his balance and everything went wrong. He ripped his knee and broke his biceps partly.

5.JP Fux: Numerous tear of quad and knee

In the early 90s, JP exploded into the bodybuilding scene and was one of the big guys who signified a new age of bodybuilding. He was enormous, thick, and he looked enormous on stage. He was doing a photoshoot with FLEX magazine in 2002 and he made some heavy squats sets to a supposed photo shoot.

He put 675 pounds on the bar in his last set and fell tough with the weight on his back. Something went wrong when raising the weight and JP fell in one of the worst bodybuilding injuries of all time.

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