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5 Things That Will Happen To You If You Start Wearing A Waist Trainer

Waist trainer for weight loss!

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For several years, waist trainers have been around and have been used by both women and men to lose weight. The word “corset” has gone out of style nowadays, and a more traditional “waist trainer” has become famous. And if both clothes can have slight differences, all pledge to make the waist look smaller. But then they do not give the best result and may affect your health.

We want you to understand how your body will be once you plan to wear a waist trainer or a corset for weight loss routinely. Before taking the next step, here are the 5 things you should be conscious of.

5 You will not get an hourglass figure:

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Your waist can look fuller when you are wearing shoes. However, it returns to its natural form after you take it off. This effect will not last long, even if you see results right after the underwear is taken off, and for a short period afterward.

4 You will not lose fat:

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After wearing boxer shorts, you might realize that you have lost a bit of weight. However, your weight is more likely to be liquids you lose from exercising or sweating and not body fat. Since the waist trainer can push your stomach to make you feel complete, you may even lose some body fat. However, it is neither safe nor acceptable to lose weight in this manner.

3 You feel nervous:

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And if you believe you see minor improvements by using a waist trainer, only because of the discomfort, they still aren’t worth the effort. A 2010 study on weight loss and fat loss also shows whether wearing a waist trainer would affect a healthy weight for the long term or not. However, when the participants refused to wear corsets for a long time because of the pain, they could not complete this study.

2 You’re going to have breathing problems:

Sometimes, a waist trainer will find it more difficult to breathe. It can also decrease lung capacity by 30% to 60%. You could die because of this thing. Waist trainers also can lead to even more problems, such as inflammation and fluid retention.

1 It could damage Your organs and ribs:

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We put it number one because it is the most dangerous thing. When your tummy is compressed by a waist trainer, it affects what goes on inside. This compression can alter the place of the organs, and it will affect how your blood flow works. 
The rib cage can even be deformed by wearing corsets over long periods.

Have you ever worn a corset? Did you see other any results? Were they good?