10 Popular Weight Loss Diets Reviewed

3rd: Low-carb diet

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With a low carb diet, the intake of carbohydrates is drastically reduced. By not eating bread or pasta, but also fruit and high-carbohydrate vegetables such as potatoes, the pounds should just drop off. The low carb nutrition plan places particular emphasis on protein and fat-rich foods. How healthy the low carb diet actually is is still unclear. One thing is certain; however: the low carb diet is one of those amazing weight-loss foods to eat.

4th: Weight Watchers

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At Weight Watchers, all foods are allowed. The diet concept is based on a point system in which every food or meal is assigned a certain value. The scores resulting from the content of carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids, protein, and sugar. Every participant in the program receives a new personal maximum number of points every day, which they should not exceed. If you stick to the points, you can lose weight easily and effectively. Another special feature is the weekly meetings of the Weight Watchers. Through the meetings, the participants not only experienced support from trained group leaders but also motivated the entire group.

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