9 Incredible Tips For Losing Weight: How To Get Rid Of Your Fat

 Tip 3: Stay full for longer with superfoods!

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To eat less, it is important to notice when you're exhausted, and the feeling of satiety for as long as possible. Superfoods like chia seeds can help.

The most famous superfoods and their effects:
  • Chia seeds: Swell in the stomach and satiate longer.
  • Goji berries: are supposed to be miracle cures for the immune system.
  • Açai berry: supposed to make you slim and prevent wrinkles.

Tip 4: take your time to eat!

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Usually, the stomach sends the satiety signal after about 10 to 15 minutes of eating. If you only swallow quickly, your "gut feeling" is deceived, and you are usually still hungry, although enough has been eaten.
Watching TV or generally multitasking while eating is also not a good idea! Our recommendation is to sit down to eat, chew enough, and take the time to concentrate only on your meal.
A stimulating conversation during the meal is the exception to the multitasking ban: By talking yourself, you take more breaks, eat more slowly, and notice faster that you are full.

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